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Critical Do’s and Don’ts of Local SEO in 2016

Do's/Dont's Of Local SEO

What is your perception about SEO – is it an art or science? We believe search engine optimization is just like science with a pinch of art. Now you may think how it is like science. Because search engine optimization requires more research, analysis and logic like science.

Now let’s talk in detail about local search engine optimization’s scientific and artistic characteristics. Here are some important factors which you need to consider before undertaking local SEO. This guide provided you essential SEO know how especially about content in a particular area. Our SEO team in Toronto helps customers discover and understand few do’s and don’ts of local search engine optimization.


Do's Of Local SEO

1. Optimize Your NAP Data : NAP stands for name, address and phone number. It helps to rank well in local organic search results. You should have to revamp your NAP data in Google My Business page. As per your name, address and phone number (NAP), Google and other search engines listed your business information in selected area.

2. Build a Google My Business account : NAP stands for name, address and phone number. It helps to rank well in local organic search results. You should have to revamp your NAP data in Google My Business page. As per your name, address and phone number (NAP), Google and other search engines listed your business information in selected area.

3. Create Unique Landing Page : If you have high quality content on your local business site meeting the complete requirements of your users, definitely you will get the best result of local search engine optimization. Without landing pages, you fail to persuade users to take interest in your services and products. In short, you require high quality unique landing pages to get the attention of the visitors.


Dont's Of Local SEO

1. Do Not Change NAP Data : If you successfully earn the attention of your visitor, may be you think about to change your NAP data. Once you change this data, may be you have to pay large amount for this mistake or maybe you lost your customers. It will take many days to get back the high ranking results like before.

2. Don’t Avoid Keywords : Keywords are must for high ranking on search engines. Use keywords in your meta description, meta title. Service keywords are also used by you in your categories. Keyword research will help to find the world of various services and products. Many search engine optimization executives used free keyword research tools like keyword planner for new keywords for their site.

3. No Keyword Stuffing : If you have low ranking, it is clear that you have keyword stuffing on your site. Content look and sound spammy when it contains lot of the same keywords. Keyword stuffing is a part of black SEO. It is just an easy way to add spammy information not a value into the content.

This handy list will help you to do local search engine optimization on your business website in 2016. If you want to beat this Internet marketing competition, follow these tips to upgrade your local search engine optimization to the next level! For more information contact to Iron Paper SEO team in Toronto.

Want to Boost Website Conversion Rates? Try These!

Boost Your Website Conversion Rates

Conversion rates means percentage of website customers who take your desired action – i.e. sales. Are you looking to increase your website conversion rates? Of course most webmasters do! In these SEO fueled days, you have to implement your marketing strategy the right way to boost your website’s conversion rate.

Let’s start with something different that sounds easy and simple

1. Make it Simple rather than Complex

Make it Simple rather than Complex

Those days are gone when WordPress developers upload complex designs on the website. Nowadays, people like simple web designs that are navigable and intuitive. Many developers use sophisticated and complex design trying to impress visitors. But today’s customer like nice, simple and easy layouts. Client are impressed with valuable content and latest simpler designs.

2. Keep your Navigation Simple

Keep your Navigation Simple

When a client land on your website, obviously they want to explore your website’s inner pages. Make sure you have simple and fast downloaded navigation system on your site. Keep your navigation as simple as possible. If you have many internal pages, it will lower your customer’s interest. You should have a clear navigation path.

3. Services Must be Understandable

Services Must be Understandable

Most of the visitors like to contact a business through their website when they want to know about your services/products. So, try to make it as easy and simple as possible with clear description of services.

4. Special Offers and Promotion

Special Offers and Promotion

Running special offers and discounts on your site are crucial to increase conversion rates. People love to get a deal with special offers and discounts. Remember, everyone loves savings.

5. Know your Visitors

Know your Visitors

It is very important to engage with your customers. If your potential customer call to you and say “I have tried so many times to order online, but your site is not working properly”. It means you have a technical problem with your site. WooCommerce integration services may be the right answer to ecommerce issues. You have to fix this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, you lose all visitors and experience lower website conversion rates.

6. Increase Trust

Increase Trust

Trust is the most important to engage with your visitors. To gain trust of your visitors, you should pay attention on the site. If the people don’t have trust on your products and also on the website, they will never buy anything from your site. If once you gain trust on your visitors, you don’t need to compel your visitors to come on your site.

Understanding user’s requirements and their native language helps users while visiting your site. They instantly become familiar with your products and services. Why not select any one of given steps and apply on your website. Definitely you will experience higher conversion rates in very less time.

Best Practices to In-App Purchases

Best Practices to In-App Purchases

In-app purchase, means a smartphone helps in the sale of your product or service through a specific app. If you installed a free app in your smartphone, it does not mean that it will not cost you. The regular ads you see are the cost. Many companies make such apps that you use for free for just some time. For further use, the company charges a particular fixed amount. It means, if you want to continue with them, you have pay.

If you go by the statistics, most of the people like to download free apps. Generally, users think about free shopping options before paying money for the paid options. Let’s take one look on in-app purchases and how, as a company, you can leverage on it.

1. Mix up general and premium content

Mix up general and premium content

It increases the chances of purchasing the mixing content by your users. It is possible, if you mix free and paid content in different quantities. You just upload half free content and half paid. If your content is high quality and useful for your clients, definitely this half content compels them to purchase the rest. You can also do the same with your videos. If you add videos on your site, offer free videos to users for preview. If they like it, chances are they will purchase the paid ones. You can go with Freemium which allows the developers to offer a mix of free and paid content.

2. Follow the principles of high quality content

Follow the principles of high quality content

Remember one thing – when you upload a content on your app, make sure you add good and high quality content. People are not interested to read boring and lengthy content, even if it is free. Users are willing to pay money for high quality written material. In short, that content is good for your app which is able to complete user’s requirements. Make it highly valuable in terms of topic richness, so users spend their more time on your app. If your clients are satisfied, they will definitely be back.

3. Set various price points

various price points

Many app developers in Toronto have one question when they putting an app for sale – how much should I charge? It is not easy to figure out how much to charge for a mobile application. Before setting the price for your app, you can inspect how competitors are pricing theirs. If your competitor sets price point for a particular region or country, may be it will not affect your price points. You can easily charge hire price for the features that competitor do not offer.

Now you know about in-app purchase and how to use them to your advantage. If you chose Freemium for your content, it means you are on the right path. Get in touch with Iron Paper mobile app developers to know more.

5 Perfect Ways to Optimize a WordPress Website

5 Perfect Ways to Optimize a WordPress Website

Is your WordPress website performing at its best? Are your website pages loading fast? Your website performance is the main factor to ensure whether your visitors are having a great experience or not. In short, to give the greatest experience to your visitors, you should pay attention on optimization of your WordPress website.

Let’s share with you few important tips that help you to optimize your website and it also decreases the page loading time. Before applying these tricks on your website, check the speed of your website through Google PageSpeed Insight, YSlow and GTMetrix. These will show you the current time of page loading.

1. Use Fast WordPress Theme

Use Fast WordPress Theme

Wrong coding of design will add unnecessary weight to site pages. That’s why they take too much time for loading. In the world of WordPress, there are thousands of free and paid themes available. You can choose any one of them according to your WordPress website requirements. Be careful when you select a theme for your site – focus on a reliable and safe theme.

2. Select Plugins Wisely

Select Plugins Wisely

Installing so many unwanted plugins on your WordPress site will make website too slow. Only download or add the plugin which you want or actively use. Delete the unwanted theme elements as well. Too many plugins are the main reason behind a slow loading website.

3. Empty Trash Box

Empty Trash Box

When you delete any unwanted stuff on your website while you optimize it, this unwanted stuff is sent to trash box. You can restore or delete it permanently from here. Trash can take too many unnecessary things and sometimes it is the cause of slow site. Empty the trash box after some time, if you know you don’t use this deleted data again. By default, WordPress deletes the whole trash box after thirty days.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

This is one of the best way to optimize your WordPress website, as it name shown. To enhance the visibility of your website on Google or other search engines, just consider search engine optimization. If you are using it with WordPress plugin, it means you are on the right path and you will definitely make your position on Google or other search engine’s first page. You can download and install an SEO plugin called Yoast to optimize your website quickest. This plugin is very easy to use for both beginners and experts.

5. Optimize Images

Optimize Images

Images help to share your blog or article on social media. But pages with more than two images take too much time for loading. To get the positive response from your visitors, optimize your image.

Optimizing your website is crucial for high ranking. Many business owners have misunderstanding that they need a professional to optimize their website. You can optimize your own WordPress site by following these tips and tricks. For any question or query, you can make a call to our WordPress developers in Toronto.

A Win-Win Marketing Strategy for Mobile Apps

A Win-Win Marketing Strategy for Mobile Apps

Mobile market has seen very fast growth in the last few years. Business owners are trying to remodel their marketing strategy to suit Android, Windows and iOS platforms for the growth of their business. The growth of mobile usage has created so many ways for entrepreneurs to communicate with their customers easily. Earlier, users used to get the contact details of any company through their brand’s website. In some cases, they lost the detail when logged off.

Now mobile is just like a magic stick for any business owner. Just turn out the stick (means open the mobile app) and get visible results within seconds. But you get the benefit of mobile app only through a strong market strategy. In short, if you don’t have any knowledge about Internet marketing, means you are not able to make mobile app for your industry.

Here’s how you can integrate mobile apps into your marketing strategy.

1. Easy Navigation

 Easy Navigation

Mobiles have a smaller screen than a desktop. When a user lands on your mobile app, they get description about what your company offers. Navigation is the most important part of your business mobile app. It comes in many forms and styles. Many developers set mobile app navigation horizontal or vertical. Clear and easy navigation helps user to understand your services, products, discounts and offers. Display the links one by one, don’t mix them with each other. A grid style navigation helps put more emphasis on the navigation.

2. Visuals are Key

Visuals are Key

Don’t treat your mobile app experience like a desktop. It should be treated differently for the new opportunities and experience. Make your app visually impressive, so that navigating it feels smooth as users touch or type. It helps make experience for the user slightly more intuitive. Focus on bold and beautiful images as they help make your app pop. With good images and design, an app compels the user to navigate more deep.

3. Get Creative with Monetization

Get Creative with Monetization

If you are thinking to monetize your mobile app, think it once again. Because, there are less chances that people go with a paid app. Nowadays, competition is rising. To get the number one position in the Internet market, many mobile app developers believe to launch a free app.

Almost every single person owns a mobile phone. So, don’t miss this golden opportunity to engage with them through mobile business applications. If you wish to make a powerful marketing strategy for your mobile app, you can get the help of our mobile app developers in Toronto.

How to Reduce Webpage’s Bounce Rate

How to Reduce Webpage's Bounce Rate

As a basketball player, you love to hear the word ‘bounce’ but if you are a blogger, website owner, you will probably hate this word. If you are new website owner, obviously you have a question in your mind – why website owners hate the ‘bounce’ word? So, you need to understand this word.

What Does Bounce Rate Mean?

Bounce rate means percentage of visitors that visit just one page of your site and after that move on another site. If a page has a high bounce rate, it means there is something wrong with your website’s strategy and you need to consider about it again. No one knows the particular reason that why a visitor leaves your site soon but here are a few tips that help you make your site user friendly and reduce bounce rate.

1. Make your Content Readable

Readable Content

Lack of readability is most common reason of high bounce rate. Give suitable headings and subheadings to your blog or article. Headings and subheadings work like a magnate. You can use bullet point to explain every subheading. The main benefits of this is first your content looks great and second it compels the user to continue reading it. On the other hand, user never read a big paragraph blog or article. A big paragraph creates a bad impression on the reader. So, avoid it!

2. Avoid Popups

Avoid Popups

Experts believe that popups help to increase your mailing list. It is a great trick to increase your subscription list. But users like only fast websites without ads and popups. Excessive popups and ads make users exit your site faster. If you want to collect emails from your users, you can use slider instead of popups. In case of high bounce rate, try to avoid popups.

3. Call to Action Button

Call to Action Button

Do you have a compelling call to action button on your site? If you want your users get in touch with you, provide a call to action button with image on your website to grab the attention of the visitor. Through this, you can reduce high bounce rate. You can also improve conversions and successfully engage with customers readily.

4. Get Social

Get Social

Often users like to use social media sites to know more about any brand than visiting a website. So, it is important that you are engaging with your customers through social media on a constant basis.

5. Make Your Site Responsive

Make Your Site Responsive

Is your website ready for any screen size? You might be thinking how a website be ready for screens? If you have a responsive site, your visitors can open it anywhere on any device. Make sure, your responsive site displays perfectly on different devices. Through non optimized mobile websites, you give an open invitation to high bounce rate.

We hope you got the tips right to reduce website bounce rate and increase conversion rate. Follow these tips to get the low bounce rate and survive in the world of Internet marketing for longer. If you feel stuck with anything and have any question, don’t hesitate ask us.

5 Tips for Improving UX for Higher Conversion Rates

Improving UX for Higher Conversion Rates

For the uninitiated, UX means user experience! It’s just all about feelings of user when he/she visits your site. Let’s understand first UX with example – if your site is slow to load, obviously user moves on within seconds. On the other hand, if it is fast to load, user stays on the site. It’s a simple way to understand the UX or user experience.

When you invest in a website, obviously your main motive is to provide the best experience to the users through features, services and products. It does not matter that you have a large business website or a small general store website. In both cases, user experience comes first and it is the priority of every well designed website. Improving web UX definitely will result higher in conversions.

Here’s how you can do it!

1. Grab User Attention Magnetically

Grab User Attention

Let’s take the example of an article or blog to understand it. Why users read your article? Obviously to get any information that is in your article or blog. User have a good reason to visit your site and scroll down the page. He spend lot of time on your site. It means he got what he wanted! Through high quality content, automatically you get the attention of user. It helps to improve web user experience and will result higher sales.

2. Improve Loading Speed Of Site

Loading Speed

Mostly visitors thinks a website load within three to four seconds. If it takes more than five seconds to load, it is clear that you have bad user experience. When you have any bad experience at any place or any shopping mall, in this situation what do you do? Obviously you never go back on that place. Same happened with your site. Once your users have bad experience, they will never come back on your website.

3. Gain Trust Of User

Gain Trust Of User

You cannot trust any unknown person easily. This is the same case of your website. If you get any new user on your site, generally he/she thinks many times before getting any service or product from your site. But if you have positive testimonials and reviews on your site, it helps to gain trust of your new users. Also, a safe payment gateway helps tremendously.

4. Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Business owners realize that huge amount of their users now use smartphone and apps to reach them or explore their website. Responsive site or mobile UX gets more attention of users than a desktop.

5. Add Video And Images

Video And Images

Do you know the importance of video and images on website? If yes, its well documented that they are hugely successful in conversion. Video and images play most important role to grab the attention of users. There are so many sites that are uploaded introductory videos on their home page. It help to boost customer engagement.

There are a million ways to improve user’s experience. You cannot survive the internet marketing if you don’t offer a good user experience. As you know, content is king in writing same as customer is king in business. If you want any suggestion regarding UX, you can talk with our professionals.

2016’s Latest Web Design Trends Watch Out For

Latest Web Design Trends Watch Out For

If you want to move your web design into a new aesthetic and trendy realm, there is no good time than 2016. The year will witness many new design trends that you need to watch out for. Generally last year, you saw web design trends that were remnants of 2014. Some of them have proven themselves worthy and some fail to carry over into 2016 in the Internet market.

In 2016, you will see many more trends. Most of them help to understand graphic and web design techniques that will shape the upcoming year. It also helps to meet with your user’s requirements. Let’s take one look on these forthcoming web design trends.

1. Material Design Trend

 Material Design Trend 2016

Material design trend is used to load website faster and scale the icons in any size without losing the quality. Google introduced them with new and latest graphics elements. It is not the same as flat design. Flat design is mainly used to presenting UI and graphical elements. Material design trend is a good option for those designers who want stylish and trendy visual designs on their website. It is a 3D based web design trend.

2. Typography

Typography Trend

A typography is more than just typefaces. Generally, a typography is used to leave the best impact of the brand over the user. It comes with its own two trends – one is serifs and other one is hand-writing. These both are used for different purposes. Serifs is used to get screen resolution and sizes are larger. On the other hand, hand-writing is used to give a pretty look and special touch to website. Mainly, it is used in logos, business card, menus, headers and post titles.

3. More Images, Relevant Text

More Images And Relevant Text

As you know clients like to see more images and video than a plain text. If you have good quality and high resolution images and videos on your site, browsers will definitely love your site. If you need more content for your website, try to upload great images.

4. Less Focus on Ads and More Focus on Content

Less Focus on Ads and More Focus on Content

Ad is the greatest way to earn more money. It is just a kind of side business. However, excess ads fail to attract the client and it is content that matters more. Impressive content consists of useful information embedded in visually appealing elements. Its what makes the users interested in digesting the content.

5. Designer Tools

Designer Tools In 2016

There are many designer tools that are helpful for designer to make design layouts and prototype websites. There are mainly two types of designer tools – one is adobe project Comet and the second is sketch. Adobe project Comet is new latest tool in the market. This tool works with Photoshop and Illustrator. Sketch is an app and it works with only Photoshop.

These are the few web design trends that you can see in this year. Choose any one of trend to design for your site. Before selecting it, make sure the chosen trend is good for your project. Do involve talented web designers into your search for the perfect web design.

To know more about the latest web design trends, you can get in touch with our web design professionals.

How to Choose Best Domain Name for your Website ?

Create Your Dream Website

So, you got your dream website made and are eager to start but can’t decide on the domain name? Relax! We’ll help you out with this.

Domain name is a very important tool of a website, it’s the very first thing a person hear or see when you refer your website. The first expression of the domain name can actually motivate or de-motivate a user to visit your website.

You have to be very careful in choosing your domain name as all your website content would be reflected through it.

Here are some suggestion for you to chose the perfect domain name for your website.

8 Easy Ways to Think Up the Perfect Domain Name

1. Sweet and Simple

Sweet and Simple

It is always prudent to keep it short as it is easy for the customers to type. More the words, more the chances of typing incorrect. Any complex word which is unheard of or mixing of words can lead to confusions, increasing chances of visitors landing somewhere else.

2. Keyword


One of the most important factor are the keywords. Your domain should have keywords relating to your products and services. Also, it makes it easier to search on the web for your customers. Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a great tool to begin with.

3. Area


Depending on how wide your business is, you can choose keywords based on your area of services. This helps a lot as people of that particular area can instantly relate to it. Thus, it evoking interest to visit your website.

4. Avoid Complex Numbers

Avoid Complex Numbers

It gets very confusing for the customers to adjust to your numbers, whether they are numeric or alphabetical. If possible, try to avoid them.

5. Memorable


It’s the best thing that can happen to you if you have a name which is easily memorable, making your visitors remember it easily and use it without hassles.

6. Extensions


Yes ! From childhood we have heard the word ‘.com’ and its true that it is the most widely used extension but don’t just take it because everyone uses it. Your extension should reflect the kind of company it is or the products and services it has to offer.

7. Be Creative

Be Creative

This is where one company beats the other in terms of generating instant interest. Your domain name must be something which is unique but at the same time very simple and user friendly. Don’t take too much creativity stress and choose a word which is acceptable and out of the world.

8. Research


It’s always best to research things before as things can get into legal issues if you use the name already registered by someone else. Take into account whether any other brand has also the same name as you are contemplating.

Finding the perfect domain name is like exploring gold nuggets. It may be hard, but once you spot one, its worth the entire effort. So, get introspecting and start to find the right domain name that will redefine your brand’s online image.

And when you are done with the domain name selection, talk to our web developers to get started on building the website!

De-index Website From Google? Learn How you Can Recover It

Sometimes Google removes site temporary or permanently from its search index. It means the site has been deindexed from Google. Getting deindexed is a serious issue but it does not mean your site is dead and everything has gone down the drain.

How To Recover De Index Website From Google/

Just think of it as a time to rebuild and improve your site. You can recover this issue. By deindexing, search engine gives a chance to website owner to modify its whole website. Let’s take a look why your site got deindex and how you can recover it successfully.

  1. Search engine visibility setting : WordPress is the main source behind designing most websites today. It provides a number of options to site owners regarding website settings. Hiding your site is one of them. The main reason is it gives permission to website owner to hide their site from indexing on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. To protect you site from deindexing, check your search engine visibility setting and make sure hidden setting is unchecked.

  2. Google search console : Search console is a webmaster tool and it helps to understand how Google sees your website. It shows how Google optimize the site’s performance. It helps maintain your site’s presence in search results. To check your website’s health, you need to add the site to Google search console.

    After adding the site, you see three main options where you can see direct what is wrong with your site or why it penalized. These three main options are messages, crawl error and security. A message option shows new message if you received any new message. If there are any crawling errors detect by Google, you can see it in the crawl error option. Any security issues are shown in the security options.

  3. Malicious code or malware : Hackers can easily drop your site from the Google index usng malicious code or software. Malicious code or malware is the most common way to get deindexing by search engine. Once your site has been hacked, it is very easy to install malicious software on your browser. It is not easy to clean or remove a website that has been hacked. But, there is an option to protect your site from hacking and it is WordPress security plugins such as Brute Protect, Vault Press etc. You can also get the help of Sucuri to protect your site from malware.

Hope so this article help you to prevent deindexing by search engine. In such situation, it is often best to contact SEO professionals to fix deindexing problem. Contact our internet marketing executives in Toronto to know more about search engine deindexing.

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