Best Practices to In-App Purchases

In-app purchase means a smartphone helps in the sale of your product or service through a specific app. If you installed a free app in your smartphone, it does not mean that it will not cost you. The regular ads you see are the cost. Many companies make such apps that you use for free for just some time. For further use, the company charges a particular fixed amount. It means, if you want to continue with them, you have pay.

Best Practices to In-App Purchases

If you go by the statistics, most of the people like to download free apps. Generally, users think about free shopping options before paying money for the paid options. Let’s take one look on in-app purchases and how, as a company, you can leverage it.

    1. Mix up general and premium content

      It increases the chances of purchasing the mixing container by your users. It is possible if you mix free and paid content in different quantities. You just upload half free content and half paid. If your content is high quality and useful for your clients, definitely this half content compels them to purchase the rest. You can also do the same with your videos. If you add videos on your site, offer free videos to users for preview. If they like it, chances are they will purchase the paid ones. You can go with Freemium which allows the developers to offer a mix of free and paid content.

    2. Follow the principles of high quality content

      Remember one thing – when you upload content on your app, make sure you add good and high-quality content. People are not interested to read boring and lengthy content, even if it is free. Users are willing to pay money for high quality is written material. In short, that content is good for your app which is able to complete the user’s requirements. Make it highly valuable in terms of topic richness, so users spend more time on your app. If your clients are satisfied, they will definitely be back.

    3. Set various price points

      Many app developers in Toronto have one question when they putting an app for sale – how much should I charge? It is not easy to figure out how much to charge for a mobile application. Before setting the price for your app, you can inspect how competitors are pricing theirs. If your competitor sets a price point for a particular region or country, maybe it will not affect your price points. You can easily charge a higher price for the features that competitor do not offer.

Now you know about in-app purchase and how to use them to your advantage. If you chose Freemium for your content, it means you are on the right path. Get in touch with Iron Paper mobile app developers to know more.