How to Choose Best Domain Name for your Website ?

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So, you got your dream website made and are eager to start but can’t decide on the domain name? Relax! We’ll help you out with this.

Domain name is a very important tool of a website, it’s the very first thing a person hear or see when you refer your website. The first expression of the domain name can actually motivate or de-motivate a user to visit your website.

You have to be very careful in choosing your domain name as all your website content would be reflected through it.

Here are some suggestion for you to chose the perfect domain name for your website.

8 Easy Ways to Think Up the Perfect Domain Name

1. Sweet and Simple

Sweet and Simple

It is always prudent to keep it short as it is easy for the customers to type. More the words, more the chances of typing incorrect. Any complex word which is unheard of or mixing of words can lead to confusions, increasing chances of visitors landing somewhere else.

2. Keyword


One of the most important factor are the keywords. Your domain should have keywords relating to your products and services. Also, it makes it easier to search on the web for your customers. Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a great tool to begin with.

3. Area


Depending on how wide your business is, you can choose keywords based on your area of services. This helps a lot as people of that particular area can instantly relate to it. Thus, it evoking interest to visit your website.

4. Avoid Complex Numbers

Avoid Complex Numbers

It gets very confusing for the customers to adjust to your numbers, whether they are numeric or alphabetical. If possible, try to avoid them.

5. Memorable


It’s the best thing that can happen to you if you have a name which is easily memorable, making your visitors remember it easily and use it without hassles.

6. Extensions


Yes ! From childhood we have heard the word ‘.com’ and its true that it is the most widely used extension but don’t just take it because everyone uses it. Your extension should reflect the kind of company it is or the products and services it has to offer.

7. Be Creative

Be Creative

This is where one company beats the other in terms of generating instant interest. Your domain name must be something which is unique but at the same time very simple and user friendly. Don’t take too much creativity stress and choose a word which is acceptable and out of the world.

8. Research


It’s always best to research things before as things can get into legal issues if you use the name already registered by someone else. Take into account whether any other brand has also the same name as you are contemplating.

Finding the perfect domain name is like exploring gold nuggets. It may be hard, but once you spot one, its worth the entire effort. So, get introspecting and start to find the right domain name that will redefine your brand’s online image.

And when you are done with the domain name selection, talk to our web developers to get started on building the website!

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