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Check Out These 6 ‘Most Recommended’ WooCommerce Extensions

Most Recommended WooCommerce Extensions

More and more businesses around the world are realizing the importance of setting up an e-store. No matter, you have a hundred of things to sell or just a few, an online store not only helps in getting more sales but improve the brand image too!

WordPress, the most loved CMS platform already made making of an e-store hassle free but with the WooCommerce integration, creating an e-store has become much more easy. It provides almost every feature and functionality required to build a successful e-store.

This makes WooCommerce a favorite amongst the developers. Beside a user friendly design, there are a lot of other factors to consider while setting up an e-store such as marketing opportunities, payment gateways, budget etc.

6 Most Recommended WooCommerce Extensions

1. Amazon Payments Advanced Plugin

Amazon Payments Advanced Plugin

One of the best WooCommerce extension, it integrates payment gateways between a WooCommerce store and Amazon’s credit card processing.

This is really effective as it carries out all the transaction through an Amazon Payments widget, preventing users to leave the website during the checkout process. All you need is an SSL certificate since all the payment information is gathered on your website.

2. WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap

When something gets developed by the lead developer of WooCommerce plugins, it can never go wrong. WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap offers gift wrapping services combined with the products as a lot of people use gift wrapping services around the holiday season.

It adds a ‘gift wrap’ option to each product configuring any additional price if any. Upon selecting this service, it gets displayed on the order page as well as in the cart.

3. WooCommerce New Product Badge

WooCommerce New Product Badge

Developed by Coen Jacobs and James Koster, the WooCommerce New Product Badge adds a ‘new’ badge for the new products added by the site owners to the existing ones. One of the best feature of this extension is that it lets you configure the number of days for new products through the catalog settings page.

4. WooCommerce Customizer


A product from Sky Verge, it lets website owners to customize filters without having to write a single line of code through the help of a setting page.

It is very helpful for the non-coder tweak WooCommerce labels, button text etc. You have the option to edit products displayed per page, tax label test and other default settings as per your choice.

5. Stripe For WooCommerce

Stripe For WooCommerce

It is a great extension which provides support to stripe payment gateway for your online store. It saves a lot of your money in making your site ultra secure by simply accepting payments via credit cards.

This is so because it saves important credit card details on another server using different passwords, user names and limiting access to it.

6. WooCommerce Checkout Manager

Checkout Manager

The checkout page has to be hassle free in order to make those conversions. This WooCommerce Checkout Manager creates user friendly and customized check outs by adding more fields to the check out process. With this, you can make checkout fields optional, enable/disable additional fields section, upload files on the checkout page etc.

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