5 Tips for Improving UX for Higher Conversion Rates

Improving UX for Higher Conversion Rates

For the uninitiated, UX means user experience! It’s just all about feelings of user when he/she visits your site. Let’s understand first UX with example – if your site is slow to load, obviously user moves on within seconds. On the other hand, if it is fast to load, user stays on the site. It’s a simple way to understand the UX or user experience.

When you invest in a website, obviously your main motive is to provide the best experience to the users through features, services and products. It does not matter that you have a large business website or a small general store website. In both cases, user experience comes first and it is the priority of every well designed website. Improving web UX definitely will result higher in conversions.

Here’s how you can do it!

1. Grab User Attention Magnetically

Grab User Attention

Let’s take the example of an article or blog to understand it. Why users read your article? Obviously to get any information that is in your article or blog. User have a good reason to visit your site and scroll down the page. He spend lot of time on your site. It means he got what he wanted! Through high quality content, automatically you get the attention of user. It helps to improve web user experience and will result higher sales.

2. Improve Loading Speed Of Site

Loading Speed

Mostly visitors thinks a website load within three to four seconds. If it takes more than five seconds to load, it is clear that you have bad user experience. When you have any bad experience at any place or any shopping mall, in this situation what do you do? Obviously you never go back on that place. Same happened with your site. Once your users have bad experience, they will never come back on your website.

3. Gain Trust Of User

Gain Trust Of User

You cannot trust any unknown person easily. This is the same case of your website. If you get any new user on your site, generally he/she thinks many times before getting any service or product from your site. But if you have positive testimonials and reviews on your site, it helps to gain trust of your new users. Also, a safe payment gateway helps tremendously.

4. Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Business owners realize that huge amount of their users now use smartphone and apps to reach them or explore their website. Responsive site or mobile UX gets more attention of users than a desktop.

5. Add Video And Images

Video And Images

Do you know the importance of video and images on website? If yes, its well documented that they are hugely successful in conversion. Video and images play most important role to grab the attention of users. There are so many sites that are uploaded introductory videos on their home page. It help to boost customer engagement.

There are a million ways to improve user’s experience. You cannot survive the internet marketing if you don’t offer a good user experience. As you know, content is king in writing same as customer is king in business. If you want any suggestion regarding UX, you can talk with our professionals.

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