5 Perfect Ways to Optimize a WordPress Website

Is your WordPress website performing at its best? Are your website pages loading fast? Your website performance is the main factor to ensure whether your visitors are having a great experience or not. In short, to give the greatest experience to your visitors, you should pay attention to optimization of your WordPress website.

5 Perfect Ways to Optimize a WordPress Website

Let’s share with you a few important tips that help you to optimize your website and it also decreases the page loading time. Before applying these tricks on your website, check the speed of your website through Google PageSpeed Insight, YSlow, and GTMetrix. These will show you the current time of page loading.

  1. Use Fast WordPress Theme

    Wrong coding of design will add unnecessary weight to site pages. That’s why they take too much time for loading. In the world of WordPress, there are thousands of free and paid themes available. You can choose any one of them according to your WordPress website requirements. Be careful when you select a theme for your site – focus on a reliable and safe theme.

  2. Select Plugins Wisely

    Installing so many unwanted plugins on your WordPress site will make the website too slow. Only download or add the plugin which you want or actively use. Delete the unwanted theme elements as well. Too many plugins are the main reason behind a slow loading website.

  3. Empty Trash Box

    When you delete any unwanted stuff on your website while you optimize it, this unwanted stuff is sent to trash box. You can restore or delete it permanently from here. Trash can take too many unnecessary things and sometimes it is the cause of a slow site. Empty the trash box after some time, if you know you don’t use this deleted data again. By default, WordPress deletes the whole trash box after thirty days.

  4. Search Engine Optimization

    This is one of the best ways to optimize your WordPress website, as its names are shown. To enhance the visibility of your website on Google or other search engines, just consider search engine optimization. If you are using it with WordPress plugin, it means you are on the right path and you will definitely make your position on Google or other search engine’s first page. You can download and install an SEO plugin called Yoast to optimize your website quickest. This plugin is very easy to use for both beginners and experts.

  5. Optimize Images

    Images help to share your blog or article on social media. But pages with more than two images take too much time for loading. To get a positive response from your visitors, optimize your image.

Optimizing your website is crucial for high ranking. Many business owners have misunderstood that they need a professional to optimize their website. You can optimize your own WordPress site by following these tips and tricks. For any question or query, you can make a call to our WordPress developers in Toronto.