A Big Checklist For Social Media Marketing

A website owner and a marketing manager have a lot of work to do when it comes to social media marketing for a business. Between so many projects and reports, managing social media can be really stressful.

Regular check up on campaigns and graphics and analytics is necessary to devise a perfect digital marketing strategy.

Here is a checklist that can help you to get your work done immediately without missing any important step. These will help in managing everything needed for social media marketing.

Daily Social Media Checklist

A daily social media checklist includes finishing outstanding tasks. Check if the post to be published today is ready to be posted. Review the meetings on your agendas for the day. Examine the status of upcoming graphics and videos. Check visual media that needs to be approved for social media channels. Edit the upcoming content for each platform. Approve the content which is ready to publish. Reshare your content.

Social Media Management Checklist

Check the workload of your team and monitor your campaigns. Spot potential crises and check on social messages. Manage your customer engagement and monitor competitor’s channels. Prepare your reports to manage clients. And upcoming strategy meetings.

Social Media Campaign Checklist

It is vital to manage your social media campaign regularly. Hence, a checklist for the same can make it easier to crank them and get them published. Brainstorm with your team about the campaign, fix dates, identify your audience, set up your budget, get needed images and videos, set up deadlines, select hashtags, make post copies, design visual content, edit the content, check links, and schedule your campaign.

Social Media Audit Checklist

Social media audits can be tedious but it is necessary. Review and secure your business’ social media profiles. Review the publishing schedule and run an audience analysis too. Analyze your content, run SWOT analysis, modify your social channels if required, review your aim and lastly, you have to analyze your social media profiles.

Social Media Analysis Checklist

Check your social media every four months to see if all your efforts are bringing any result or not. In other words, have social media analysis quarterly. To perform social media analysis, start with deciding the time period for the analysis process, create a report template, gather the data, analyze the gathered data, note recent trends, check if you are meeting the goal, prepare a report for the same, and decide if it needs adjustment.

Social Media Crisis Communication Checklist

As a marketing manager, it is important for you to be prepared for all the communication crises. The reason can be from within your work or something from your organization. If you are facing communication crisis, pause all the social media campaigns, determine what message should be used, respond to people on social media individually, send apology from the organization (if needed), edit the campaigns based on content and graphics that might give rise to crisis again, and resume your campaigns again.

Social Media Strategy Checklist

This last but not least checklist revolves around the social media strategy adopted by the company. Just like your social media audit list, a social media strategy checklist is to be used once a year or once every four months. It helps in acknowledging and understanding how things are supposed to go. Start with reviewing your last year’s social media strategy, research on new ideas and trends, review your targeted audience, and business objectives. Now, set up goals along with establishing metrics and KPIs, identify the tactics to be adopted, set up a reporting schedule, and map out the seasonal campaigns on social media calendar.


Now, you have the necessary tools in your hand to make your social media campaigns work faster and with efficacy. Regular checklists on various aspects of social media help you understand more about social media marketing and the approach to be adopted. Each one of these checklists can be edited as per the requirement of the business. Therefore, you are at the freedom to design different strategies for each social media platform.

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