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Why WordPress is Simply the Best CMS Out There

Why WordPress is Simply the Best CMS Out There

Content is an integral part of website which can make your website rule the web. It not only includes text but also consists of images, videos, graphics, screen presentations, glossaries, directories etc. If content is unique and relevant, it can help you make your website reach top rank in Google.

As content is crucial, so compelling need is there to make your content attractive and innovative. For large organizations, where group of people are working on a same work, will distribute the load among themselves. But for small organizations, where a single person has to manage the whole work load, it becomes difficult to deliver content smoothly. So, to decrease the content load in small organizations, Content Management Systems(CMS) were introduced. Some of them are WordPress, Laravel, Magento, Drupal etc.

Nothing Else Will Do

WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS. This management system help in managing content by providing inbuilt codes for variety of buttons or bars. It has made development so much easy that even non technical people can also create websites. This software is being loved by clients as they don’t had to rely on the web developer to add changes and updates. It has become easy for client to change not only a single word but a whole of page can be updated by them.

  • Theme Development
    Theme Development
    To develop a WordPress website, you have to select a theme that suits your business needs. There are variety of free themes available on Internet from where they can be downloaded. So no need for designing is there. Try not to go with free themes, instead select a paid one as it will provide you more privacy and security. Before you work on WordPress platform, do check whether relevant configuration is installed on your systems or not.

  • Theme Design
    Theme Design

    Keep in mind, the theme you selected should have a good design. A theme where customization can be done should be selected. Images, graphics, logos, animations, banners, fonts etc. are shown up to large extent in your website. Theme design should be flexible enough that it can undergo any changes as required by business needs and services.

    WordPress developers will research your products, services and goals and then provide the suitable design elements to develop your website. After designing, comes the content. It should be assigned priority after design. Regular additions should be done in content from time to time.

At Iron Paper, we help manage your content in an easy way by implementing WordPress tools and techniques. Our web designers in Toronto are a step ahead of the curve and offer the best WordPress has to offer.

Analysis: Responsive Web Design and User Experience (UX)

Analysis: Responsive Web Design and User Experience (UX)

Responsive means responding to someone or something quickly. Responsive web design is same as the word suggests. Naturally, responsive web design means that design and development should respond to the user’s device, whether you are using a mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop.

As a number of people are turning to smartphones and tablets, responsive web design is the only solution to provide them better user experience across different screen sizes. When a visitor comes to your website, he expects a better user experience from you. If he does not find an optimized website for his device, he will never come back to your site. If you want higher rank with Google and other search engines, you need a website that delivers a worthy user experience to your visitors.

Below are some essential points for responsive web design with a superior user experience.

1. Front End UI Designing

Front End UI Designing

It is one of the most important elements to create any responsive website. It involves creating the HTML, JAVA Script and CSS (cascading style sheet). These three are the crucial elements of front end designing.

Hypertext Markup language is essential to build both dynamic and static websites. It is a basic language of the internet. CSS means cascading style sheet, is a core element of front end UI designing. It used to gives colorful style and alignment to the website. If you have used web development for many years, no doubt you know about the JAVA Scripting. It is a scripting language that is used to convert static hypertext markup language page into a dynamic interface.

2. A/B Testing Design

A/B Testing Design

A/B testing is also known as a bucket testing or split testing. It is a method of comparing two versions of web pages with each other to know about which one performs better. It allows you to make some changes in your web pages or app to provide the best user experience after getting the result of testing. It checks the every single thing on your website such as landing pages, call to action button, navigational button and contact forms.

For superior usability and a better experience, it compares both mobile and desktop versions. It helps you to make more out of your existing sales and traffic.

3. Flat Responsive Web Designing

Flat Responsive Web Designing

The main features of flat responsive web designing are crisp edges, open space, bright colors, and two dimensional or flat illustrations. It is the fastest way to load a website on any browser with better experience. Due to its easy navigation structure, flat responsive web design is in demand.

These are the essential features of a responsive website that are crucial to provide better user experience. Responsive web design is recommended by popular search engines such as Google. It allows a website to deliver a great user experience.

Stil in doubt about responsive design? Talk to our web designers today.

6 Latest WordPress Development Trends in Shaping Up in 2016!

Latest WordPress Development Trends

When it comes to developing your website with the best designs and features, nothing beats WordPress. From a mere blogging tool, this CMS has come a long way in becoming one of the most used platforms for developing websites

Every year new and advanced WordPress trends come in the market, making it even more efficient and user friendly. As a developer, it is important that your WordPress designs have a fresh and updated version in sync with the latest technology being used in the market.

It is important to understand which all trends are most likely to stay forever which not only meets technical requirements but gives a good customer experience too. It all depends on your taste and preferences but whatever you choose should guarantee the success of a website.

6 Latest WordPress Development Trends For 2016

1. Ascendable Vector Graphic Images

Ascendable Vector Graphic Images

Using SVG images is the latest trend to watch out for. The Scalable Vector Graphics gives a great respite in creating different graphic versions and logos for multiple screen sizes.

It is so because in SVG images, there is no need to use actual pixels for the different mathematical data shapes and curves. With SVG, you can create a single file icon having the ability to flash, bounce and finish with the help of a pirouette.

2. Responsive Design

Responsive Design

This is no surprise as more and more users are switching to their smartphones for accessing websites.
It is very much a Google factor too as responsive websites are likely to get a higher ranking in their SERP’s.

Not only this helps to cater a wide mobile audience but keeps in pace with the latest mobile technologies in order to successfully run an online business. It really helps to build a strong website reputation by serving together the different mobile audience.

3. Interactive Design With a Moving Background

Interactive Design With a Moving Background

This moving background interactive design is becoming the favorite design trend among websites, making them stand out of the crowd.

Flipkart, Paypal, Spotify are the websites who have gained a lot of success by using moving backgrounds in their design. You can use it with the various free interactive web design themes for your next web design project.

4. The Flat Design

The Flat Design

If you want to improve a website’s user experience, nothing beats a flat design. This is so because they convey the message to the targeted audience in a fast way along with making a website to look great too. It focuses more on the content and the broader color palette reducing the work of background textures to a great deal.

5. The Modular Design

The Modular Design

Modular design helps in putting the information in small boxes instead of placing them in broader ones, making the information flow even more interactive. The best thing about a modular design is that it provides users with an easily recognizable visual pattern.

This greatly encourages users to move to the targeted areas quickly and efficiently. They also greatly complement flat designs, giving shape and context to the other spare elements.

6. Infographics


Infographics make reading a fun for the users by making a plain text interactive with the help of content, colors, movement and images, which are capable enough to catch a user attention.

It is essential to develop them in the right manner as a poorly designed one will make the information a mess with too much of cartoon graphics all over it. For a convincing story, it is important to approach them with the data perspective.

Need a WordPress Developer?

If you are looking for a WordPress developer, look no further than Iron Paper. We are the leading web design and digital marketing company in Toronto. Our skilled web development professionals will give you the best of WordPress designs using the latest technological trends crafted beautifully with our creativity to make your website a success no time!

Some Lesser Known Word Press Plugins Every WP Developer Must Know

Responsive Web Design Tools

WordPress is one of the most favorite platform for developing websites. With so many plugins attached with word press, it becomes an apt choice to develop websites.

This is one of the biggest advantages of using this CMS platform. Most of the people use only those plugins which are popular or which are used maximum like Yoast SEO, Google Analytics by Yoast, Contact Form 7, WP Smush.

They don’t realize that there are a lot of other plugins available out there, which can take care of some really important aspects of a WordPress website. So, lets get started to know and use them eventually.

Lesser Known Plugins of Great Importance:-

1. Bootstrap For Contact Form 7

Bootstrap For Contact Form 7

If you don’t want your contact form to hamper the theme and design of your webpage, Bootstrap For Contact Form 7 is a great option. This add on plugin changes the output of Contact Form 7 in accordance to the theme that use Bootstrap CSS Framework.

2. Custom Taxonomy NE

Custom Taxonomy NE

This plugin helps you to customize the taxonomy terms with the help of a drag and drop feature. With no coding required, it can be used through simple WordPress filters.

3. Featured Video Plus

Featured Video Plus

With the help of this plugin, you can add a video in place of a featured image in your posts and pages. This will give your users an audio-visual experience which will have the greatest impact on their minds.

4. SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links

If you are looking for a plugin which makes your site SEO friendly, SEO Smart Links is the answer for you. It carries functions like adding custom keyword lists, comments with respective page, posts and categories.

5. Bulk Page Creator

Bulk Page Creator

This plugin is apt for those looking to expand their webpages. It helps to create multiple pages in bulk through a start up screen allowing you to add as many pages as you like while developing your WordPress site.

6. WP Redirects

WP Redirects

This lightweight plugin allows you to create easy redirections to your website by adding a new post type which requires no configuration at all. Quality redirections can improve the ranking and performance of a website.

7. Restrict User Access

Restrict User Access

This is extremely important plugin as you don’t want your users to have access to all your content or contexts without your consent. This allows you to have control of when and what your users can access.

8. Old Core Files

Old Core Files

There is no point in keeping the obsolete old core files. This helpful plugin provides security to your website by checking and deleting such obsolete files, preventing hackers from gaining access to them.

9. WP Mobile Detect

WP Mobile Detect

This is a great plugin developed by Jesse Friedman, allowing the admin to control when and how the content of the website is shown or hidden, depending upon the user device.

When it comes to web design services, plugins become an integral part. So, that’s why our Toronto WordPress developers try out new plugins to increase a website’s efficiency and features.

Top 6 Best Responsive Web Design Tools in 2016

Responsive Web Design Tools

Gone are the days when people accessed your website just on desktop. This is fast-paced technology era and people use different device to access your website. So, except the best desktop website, it’s imperative that you also have a responsive website. To make a responsive website, obviously you need responsive web design tools.

There are so many responsive web design tools out there. Smart mobile phones are the latest trends in these days. Due to growth of mobile phones and tablets, you need responsive web design to expand your business over the world. Here are some essential tools for creating the perfect responsive website.

1. Gridset


Web designers and developers use this tool to make responsive and custom based grid layouts. It does not matter which type of content management system you use, it works on every CMS such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. With Gridset, you can build grids for all forms, columnar and many more.

2. Wirefy


Wirefy is an incredible tool to create fast and manageable wire frames. To use this tool, you should have knowledge of CSS and HTML. If you know about CSS and HTML language, you can easily generate wire frames without anyone’s help.

3. Adobe Edge Inspect

Adobe Edge Inspect

If you are worried about how your web page would look on different devices, Adobe Edge Inspect helps you check your site. This tool allows you to preview the project before the launch. You can see your design will appear on different smartphones including iPhone, Android, Windows and other devices like tablets.

4. Bootstrap


Bootstrap is most popular and important tool. Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto developed this tool to make front end web development. It has the best set of UI interface elements and Javascript tools. You can download this tool online without paying any money.

5. Invision


This app allows a developer to communicate the design transitions between screens to other members of the team. It also allows them to download working designs. The most important benefit of this tool is developers can send clickable design to your mobile via a simple message.

6. UxPin


This is an extremely important tool for responsive web design. It is a collaborative online design tool and also a design app. It allows developers and designers to make wire frames and prototypes. This is an incredible tool that create wire frames fast.

There are so many responsive web design tools and these are just few of them. Hope, these tools prove helpful to you when you build your WP responsive website so your users will get the best browsing experience. For more queries, do get in touch with our WordPress web designers in Toronto.

Thinking to Redesign Website? Here are the Pros & Cons

Pros/Cons Of Website Redesign

Redesigning a website is as important as designing a new website. As a business owner, you know that once you lose your visitors, it is very difficult to get them back to your website. Losing customers is very easy, but getting back is mighty difficult. And an old web design is the prime reason visitors lose their interest.

You can earn back the trust of your customers simply by redesigning your website. But here are some pros and cons of website redesigning.


Pros Of Website Redesign

1. Easy navigation : Poor navigation and bad links can affect the traffic of your website. With clear and clutter-free navigation you can make a friendly website for your customers. If you have confusing navigation and more than five or six menus in navigation, you might lost your visitors.

2. Making eye catching website : New design and new layouts surely attract your customers while they visit your website. If your website fails to attract and convince your visitors, users will open another website instead of yours. Redesigning website gives a unique and attractive look to your website.

3. Increase browsing speed : Redesigning website helps to increase, uploading and browsing speed of your website. If you want your users to stay on your website longer, fast loading speed is crucial. Simply, there is no space for slow websites in this modern web design era.


Cons Of Website Redesign

1. Takes more time : When you think to redesign your whole website, you need to transfer all your data from the old website to the new website. This task takes too much time.

2. Complicated techniques : Redesigning website is not as easy as you think. It is very difficult to give a new look to your old running website. Some techniques of website redesigning website are very complex.

3. Bad user experience : When you redesign your whole website, maybe it creates difficulties for some users. It takes too much time of visitors to understand and learn how to use the new website.

Here you have some pros and cons of website redesigning. As you know nothing is perfect. So, every website has some good and bad features. If you think about redesigning your old website, just call our WordPress web designers.

Top 5 Essential WordPress Backup Plugins

Creating a regular backup is very crucial factor that you must do for your WordPress site. In case your site is hacked, it prevents a disastrous condition and offers you peace of mind. There is huge range of paid and free of cost WordPress backup plugins available. If you take the backup of your website on a regular basis, no worries. But if you don’t take it, better start it today.

To protect your site, just install and activate backup plugin and sit back. Here are 5 proven WordPress backup plugins you can rely on.

1. VaultPress


VaultPress is designed to offer backup and security scanning services. It is the best defense against any sort of security threat. It is a paid backup plugin in the WordPress universe. It offers backup solution starting from $5 per month. Don’t think so it is too costly since it’s a fare amount to take backup and save your WordPress website from hacking.

2. BackupBuddy


This is made by iThemes that offers comprehensive backup solutions to website owners. It allows site owners to get daily, weekly and monthly backup of site. You cannot store your backup data only in hard drive, you can also use stash, FTP, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and also send email to yourself. This is a premium plugin – means to get the advantage of this plugin you have to open your wallet and pay.

3. CodeGuard


CodeGuard offers most reliable and an automatic daily backup service to site owners. The main advantage of this plugin is that it is recoverable meaning it easily recovers your deleted files. In case your site is compromised, it is able to remove malware or errors from your site. It offers different monthly plans including ninja plan, ronin plan, samurai plan and shogun plan. All these plans have different costs. Before purchasing, you can get the free trial of 14 days. Every plan includes free trial of 14 days.

4. BackWPup


BackWPup is a free of cost WordPress backup plugin. It can be used to backup to your hard drive, email and FTTP. Except these, it also uses cloud storage space including Dropbox and Rackspace. To run this plugin, you need WordPress 3.8 and PHP 5.2.7 on your system.

5. UpDraftPlus


This is another great option. Like BackWPup, it is also free version of WordPress backup plugin. The main advantage of this plugin is, it is number one backup and high ranking plugin on It allows you to store your backup data at your chosen location.

Backing up all the data of your site is important. How do you backup your website? If you don’t take the backup of your site, pick any one of WordPress backup plugin and start protecting your website.

Hope this list help you to decide which backup plugin is good for your site. If you are looking for more, here’s our list of 2016’s best WordPress plugins.

Top 5 Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins

If you want spread your business overseas, a good photography website is good for you. Displaying your work in a stylish portfolio is important for your business. The default version of WordPress allows you to add images on site’s pages but this has its limitations. If you want to be creative and professional, you need a professional portfolio that reflects the brand well.

It’s good that there are plenty of portfolios plugins available. These allow you to create an attractive portfolio in myriad fashions. All gallery plugins deliver features that enhance the display characteristics of images on your website.

Let’s discuss what we think are the top 5 WordPress plugins for gallery purposes.

1. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery Plugins

NextGEN is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin. You can use this plugin easily add images, photo albums to a gallery from server folder or media library. It allows you to set up albums. It is very helpful and essential for those sites that need a group of picture galleries together. It works for both responsive and desktop sites. Thousands of developers download it every day to add photos and images on their sites.

2. Foo Gallery

Foo Gallery Plugins

Foo gallery delivers the best image and video gallery experience to user. It allows you to create video gallery with the help of FooVideo premium extension. It means you can create both image and video gallery on your site. You can download this plugin without paying any amount, it is a free of cost gallery plugin. It comes with various gallery templates such as masonry layout and standard thumbnail display.

3. Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery Plugins

It is one of the powerful WordPress gallery plugins. Envira gallery plugin is fast and easy to set up. It takes just few minutes to create galleries for your website. It offers you an awesome result when it comes to segregating pictures as per category. Moreover, its a fully responsive plugin. You can easily select gallery layouts, animations, thumbnails and add meta tags for your images.

4. Easy Gedia Gallery

Easy Gedia Gallery Plugins

This plugin deliver an easy way to display photo albums, grid galleries with pagination and Google map. You can also install video from YouTube and other video sites. It helps to provide the best experience to your users in terms of content accessibility.

5. Gmedia Gallery

Gmedia Gallery Plugins

This is the preferred plugin for quickly sharing photos. By the clicking on image, it shows a Lightbox. You can share those images which you want easily on social media from this Lightbox. It also adds video and audio player by default.

There are so many other WordPress photo gallery plugin. Generally WordPress offers plenty of gallery plugins and you can use these plugins on your site to make your portfolio attractive. If you have any question or query, you can make a contact to Iron Paper website design Toronto professionals.

4 Vital Web Development Factors Direct from Horse’s Mouth

Some entrepreneurs might not realize it that the design of their website that effects their brand image the most these days. A small or tiny mistake of your site design can be harmful for your website’s health. A website plays vital role in brand promotion and establishment.

Web Development Factors

Some times, web developers use too complex designs which provides a wrong experience to users or visitors. Just develop a simple and attractive website that helps provide the information which users want in a fluidic manner. Here’s what our professional web designers and developers have to share about the right business approach.

  1. Page Loading – A slow page loading speed will effect the performance and ranking of the website. Users open your website because they search for information, products or services. Nobody likes to browse slow loading websites. If your website takes too much time to load, visitors definitely move onto another faster alternative.

  2. Impressive and attractive design – First impression is the last impression. Design of website is the first impression of your brand’s online image. It attracts and compels the users to click on your site’s inner pages. Remember one thing always – keep the design of website simple and not complicated with fluid information flow. Complex designs do not hold the user for long.

  3. Simple navigation – Every website has many pages that are connected with each other through the navigation. If the navigation is simple and clear, visitors definitely move on to the internal pages of your site. This automatically leads your website higher in Google SERPs. An easy to navigate website allows visitor to spend a long time on your website and decrease the bounce rate.

  4. SEO friendly website – In this competitive era, a beautiful and attractive website is not enough to get more visitors. So, to dominate the search results for your site, search engine optimization of the website is vital. It is the only way to improve visibility of your website on search engines. The content, keywords, title, descriptions, image alt texts, all are very important aspects of SEO. Topical optimization is the flavor of the season and is known to deliver impressive results.

Web developers design their website according to client’s business and taste. However, once given the right leeway, they can churn out masterpieces.Having trouble understanding website making tips and tricks? Iron Paper professionals are here to guide you.

Why is Professional Photography Important Element in Website Design

With rising bandwidth speeds, Internet has become a visual treats. Videos and high resolution images galore all over. People browse lot of websites every minute to find information. But they pay more attention on photography and other visual aspects of your website. That’s why most WP web developers use professional grade photography to get the complete attention of visitors.

Why is Professional Photography Important

Images and videos help them stay longer on your site and increase reader’s interest. Your image gallery and photographs on site are one of the most powerful tools to attract the user or audience. Here are few things why professional photography is important for your site.

  1. Grab the attention – First impression is vital to make a long time relation. Your site is more likely to maintain a longer relation with your users or visitors with high quality pictures.

    The user lands on your site, explore it and move from it, Why? Because he/she did not get anything interesting from your site except boring long paragraphs. If your website has content with awesome images, definitely visitor stay on it for long time and visit again in the future. This will automatically increase your sales. A website without photographs fail to grab the attention of users.

  2. Crucial for online store – If you are running an e-commerce site, images are an essential component of your website to attract the customer. Most of the e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay etc. improve their shopping experience by using high quality and professional product images. According to experts, photographs or images aid to the shopping experience. If the picture is blurry, too small or dark, the user will not spend his time on your site.

  3. Images affect social media – Everyday millions of people use social sites for chatting and uploaded images on their social media. If you have social media account, it is a golden opportunity for your business.

Webmasters can upload product or business images on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. A blog or article post with image achieve higher engagement level than plain text content. If readers like your blog, it is likely to be shared more. If users share your article or blog, your business is automatically promoted and you will achieve higher sales figures.

Don’t think twice when it comes to your website’s photography. Innovatively engage the designer and developer team to upload high resolution images related to products and services. Remember, images tells the story of your business with maximum impact.

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