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Mobile App Development Trends that Still Rule in 2016

Mobile App Technology

Our smartphones have turned out to be our friend in need. Whether its shopping, ordering food, transferring money, hiring cab or many more, it can be done instantly with the help of your mobiles. It is playing a crucial role in completing our daily tasks. Mobile app technology is growing at a fast pace and we need to modify our apps according to the demand of the mobile market. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends is a necessity. Few of the latest mobile development trends are:

  1. Speedier Mobile Development
    Speedier Mobile Development

    With growing demand to launch mobile apps for businesses, the demand of faster mobile development has also grown. Every business wants to launch its products faster than others, for this they need mobile platform.

    Faster app development can be reached if we cut down the gap between development and launch. Advanced tools and frameworks for rapid development of apps are now readily available for fast delivery of mobile applications.

  2. Security
    Security has grown as the most trending challenge of mobile application industry. Hackers are continuously breaking the security gaps by obtaining confidential information. Almost 70% of websites fail the basic security tests. Security will remain a great concern to overcome. Efficient app developers needs to overcome security issues such as insecure data storage, bad cryptography and leakage of data. They need to develop applications which not only provides business features but also security and safety.

  3. Cloud Technology
    Cloud Technology
    Cloud technology has a blooming future. It will play a crucial role in the app development revolution. Application developers are focused towards integrating and synchronizing apps among multiple devices through app cloud. This will build functionalities that can be easily accessed from different devices. Developers are provided with tools for building, integrating, testing and submitting their product to the app stores through the cloud.

  4. M-Commerce
    With development of online goods and banking apps, people are trending towards m-commerce rather than e-commerce. This is a positive sign for growing mobile market. Transferring money or purchasing goods using a mobile app is becoming common. There is a better future for banking, m-commerce, online shopping and payment applications.

  5. Mobile Gaming
    Mobile Gaming
    The trend of multi player gaming is on rapid increase on mobile platform. Various gaming apps are launched on daily basis through cloud services. Presence of games on social media is on rise through gaming links. Syncing of games on various devices is supported through cloud technology.

  6. App Analytics and Big Data
    App Analytics and Big Data
    User experience is an integral part of mobile technology platform. Data analytics plays an important role in helping app developers to analyze the user experience to make improvements in the app. Most users shares their experience after using any app. This experience data is collected by big data or app analytics and should not be ignored. Learn from it about what they need more to make your application more successful.

These were the few latest trends in mobile app development. Following these can help you develop latest and trendy mobile app. Iron paper is a web design and development company in Toronto which provides you with mobile development , web development and web designing services.

3 Great Tips To Enhance Android App UI Design

3 Great Tips To Enhance Android App UI Design

With so much competition out there in the market, it has become very difficult to get your app that much coveted ‘favorite’ tag. Android holds the largest percentage of mobile users across the world. With such a massive percentage, it makes sense to make and market your app for Android.
But wait, everyone thinks just like you! So, how does one shine out amongst their competitors to get their app across maximum users. The answer is simple, making your app more user friendly by improving the user interface design.
Unlike iOS, Android has a very lenient approval standards and this is the reason, why so many apps are getting flooded in its app store. To excel in a competition such as this, the following tips will surely help your app emerge a winner amongst the crowd.

1.  Become The Master of Material Design

Material design is the call for today, not just because Google has developed it but of its high performance and quality designs. It is a design language from Google that focuses on key elements like responsive animations, grid based layouts with the impactful depth affects such as lightning and shadows. Google was very confident of the way the Android operating system would look and perform, with the affect of material design.
When it comes to flat designs, it focuses more on removing the unnecessary components from the app design. On the other hand, skeuomorphic design focuses on dropping down shadows with the help of realistic textures to give that perfect virtual 3D reality affect. The problem with the flat design is that it lacks the usability factor despise being visually appealing to the eyes. Similarly, skeuomorphic design is great when it comes to usability factor but gets too complex to handle visually.
This is where Google has worked out, combining both the qualities of flat and skeuomorphic designs into one i.e. Material Design. Treating each and every element as a unit, text boxes and info boxes seem to react to wight under dragging and stretching conditions, similar to real world laws of physics. Predictable speed, beautiful design, 3D feeling all in one, makes material designing a must for the future Android world.

2. Its Time To Pay Attention Towards Fragmentation

With so many Android operating systems around the world, it gets very difficult for the developers to focus on a single OS. Moreover, there are too many modified versions of these Android OS’s. This makes an Android UI designer’s task even more difficult as all have different specifications.
The only solution to a problem like this is fragmentation. It is a fact that you can’t satisfy all the Android operating systems out there. You have to choose the best ones, based on popularity or having the biggest market share. Get the best of specifications with the use of prototype design figuring out the fonts colors etc that works best for them.
The next step is to implement features and functionality, which makes it for a smooth operation. After this crucial completion, go for the responsive approach focusing on the elements and components which can automatically adapt to small screen sizes or the basic versions of Android.

3. Ensure a Smooth Testing With as Many Devices as Possible

This is the final and crucial step to ensure quality as well as testing. The problem again is the number of devices out there with different Android versions and specs. The only way, is to cover as many devices as you can.
Also, make sure your app works for higher and lower specs in the same manner during fragmentation. This is important as you don’t want your app to run on a Samsung phone but not an HTC One. If you are low on budget, try testing your app through Android emulators. Although of great help and being less expensive, it lacks the real hand gestures while operating an app, which holds equal importance.
One more solution to this problem is by simply distributing across your network. Let your friends, family, employees download and test your app. This will help you in knowing their feedback, making you tighten the loopholes, thus preparing you before you hit the market! For more mobile app development resources, talk to our Toronto mobile app developers (

3 Common App Development Challenges that Kill your App Project

App Development Challenges That Kill Your App Project

Developing an app for your business is not bad idea because apps are extremely popular at present time. Developing an app is an exciting endeavor, but it also has some challenges. Every developer faces certain app development challenges while a mobile application development project – small business or enterprise.

The most common challenge is, there are more than million apps available in the market. It means it’s extremely difficult to stand out in this competition era.

1. Product delays and cost overruns

Product Delays and Cost Overruns

Product delays and cost overruns are common problems of any project and many companies face this problem. If you go with statistics, they will show that more than 80% projects go over budget. Generally, reasons of delays are lack of strategy, poor processes and talent gap.

It is very common factor that if your project faces delays, definitely it will go over budget. To prevent this problem, you need a flexibility and proper planning of app development. As a result, you get a perfect app for your business with in time and limited budget.

2. Lack of experience or talent gap

Lack Of Experience

As app technology has grown, so there is a need of skilled and talented app developers. This challenge mainly occurs when employees are not trained as mobile app developers. Many developers try to learn mobile development technologies very quickly to meet client’s requirements. But these theories may be harmful because like other development process, experience is important for app development. To get rid of this problem, there are only two ways – one is hire talent and second one is source a specialized app development partner.

3. Changing priorities

Changing Priorities

It is very difficult to deal with many stakeholders with different priorities at the same time. Most of the time, developers face this problem and some time it is very difficult to deal with all priorities. It affects scope, timelines and of course budget or cost. You can go with rolling wave planning to prevent these evolving problems. It allows you to go with your current project without losing its velocity and increase efficiency. As a result, when stakeholders shift its requirements or priorities, the team of development has the flexibility to work without wasting time and resources.

There you have it, the most common challenges faced by developers when they develop a mobile app for small businesses or large. The given solutions of these challenges reduce the chances of occurring them. After know about these challenges and their solutions, you should not go too far wrong. Make a call to our app developers to know more.

2016 Mobile App Development Trends to Keep an Eye On

App Development Trends to Keep an Eye On

Are you looking for the latest 2016 mobile app development trends? Smartphones took the place of desktops and laptops and have become the viral device to own. Mostly people use smartphones to make their work more efficient.

As smartphone companies grow, so does the use of mobile apps increase by default. At present, people use their mobile phones for shopping, ordering food, playing games, music, monitor health and many more. There are many apps available that makes your procedure simpler. But what about the future?

Let’s take a look on 2016’s mobile app development trends.

1. Security in Mobile Apps

Mobile App Security

With use of mobile phones increasing day by day, online app distributors offers more through Apple’s app store and Google play store. Simultanously, you should know about the security and privacy of mobile apps as well in terms of content. Smartphone security and strong password is most important to protect your personal and sensitive data. So, to protect your data from third party or hackers, secure your mobile app with strong security system. 2016 will see rise in mobile security trends.

2. Cloud and Mobile Application

Cloud and Mobile App

Cloud computing now plays vital role in the IT industry. Many tech companies use cloud computing to build mobile apps. It makes developer’s work easy because it help them keep the app size small or large as per space requirements. Also, its the next best thing in data security and management.

3. Improved Customer Experience

Customer Experience

In 2016, developers will pay more attention to provide the best experience to customers with their mobile apps instead of dull old UI and UX. Both Apple and Android will offers their smartphone apps with far better user experience, navigations, features, user interface and more. Even devices will be tailored to offer better customer experience.

4. Faster Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Many mobile app development companies looking for effective ways to mitigate the development time of applications. This will be a defining trend in 2016. Developers adopting and following various tips to fulfill the customer’s needs and requirements will find new ways to move data faster and effectively.

These are few mobile app development trends, you can see these trends in the year of 2016. with smaller screens fast gaining significant ground in markets worldwide, app development strategies will also improve. Being Toronto’s best mobile application company we are always at the cusp of technology to improve our client’s bottomline.

How Dedicated Mobile App Content Strategy Helps Big Time!

Mobile App Content Strategy

An app is the greatest way to attract users. An app works like a magnate, means it helps to attract customers to your business or brand. If you successfully attract users through your business app, it means your brand is fairly familiar and have long lasting relations with customers. It also means you are serving them with the right content to keep them engaged.

Content makes sure your app is able to provide something that audience values. If a mobile app is difficult to use, you will get negative responsive from users. To prevent negative reviews, developers need to pay an extra attention on the design as well as content of the mobile app.

That’s where are dedicated mobile app content strategy comes into play! Here are few tips help you to make content strategy for mobile applications – both iOS and Android.

1. Choose The Right Content

The Right Content

Choosing the right content for your app is not difficult task but engaging with your customers using content is quiet difficult. If your developer focuses on content, you will definitely compel your users to open your business app. Mobile Rodie’s is the best platform that allow you to deliver high quality content to your user.

2. Real Time Updated Information

Real Time Updated Information

It is vital to make long lasting relation with your clients. Through updated content, you can offer real time updates to iPhone, Android, Window and other device users. If developers update app information time to time, viewers can see the results immediately. This is extremely helpful in news apps.

3. Add Social Media Directories

Add Social Media Directories

As you know, the world uses social media accounts to get in touch with another. Content Management Systems allow developers to add all company’s social media channels. The main benefit of it is that the users get another way for all the current information. It automatically delivers the content to users account – whether the user actively accesses it or not.

4. Use Push Messages

Use Push Messages

It’s good that you add high quality content on your app. But sometimes you need to encourage your customer to get back on your app. This is possible through push messages. When developers send a message to every single person who use your app, automatically it helps to generate more app traffic. Make sure, you don’t send too many messages. If you do so, stop it! Otherwise, your users get frustrated with these messages and may delete your app permanently.

5. Geofencing


ou can use this strategy to target a particular location. Many mobile optimization tools offer this to get traffic in your local area through your app. It also allows users to get instant messages when they enter a certain area that you are targeting. Often, this tool is used on events. It provides the information or coupons regarding upcoming events.

Many mobile app development companies in Toronto give attention on just app development and ignore the content part. This is a big mistake. Because everyone uses app for information, content carried huge significance. If your app is not able to provide engaging content to the users, there is no benefit spending app money.

How to Avoid Downtime During the App Development Process

How to Avoid Downtime During the App Development Process

Generally, startup stages of an app making process take considerable time and naturally some basic mistakes are made. These issues end wasting a lot of downtime. As you know an app is crucial thing for your business since it helps to make a great relationship with your clients.

App development downtimes can be harmful for your clients. A downtime mainly describe unnecessarily waiting, consisting of product issues, non-utilized resources, over production and others.

Here are common issues that you should avoid during the iOS and Android app development process.

1. Defects

Issue Or Mistake

Defects means there is any issue or mistake in your app development. If it happens, means a described program fail to meet developer’s expected results. With the help of agile squad methodology, it is easy to remove coding errors and bugs during the initial app development. Developers use code review to improve the quality of app code and implement efficient coding. A testing during development process, means you can lower defects when app is ready to enter mobile app testing or QA.

2. Overproduction

Try To Produce More Than Required

This problem occurs when you try to produce more than is required to gain the desired the outcome. In mobile application development, this is seen as extra functionalities. Feature set planning offers the way to remove overproduction and cut the flab. It helps to delay excess product decisions until you get in the right position to make them. You will not build unnecessary features or functionality thereby lowering the load on the team.

3. Waiting

Any process Causes Delays In The Delivery

It is when any process causes delays in the delivery or app development such as delays for external parties, tasks to be completed and resource gap internally. You can get the help of squad-based agile development approach to reduce this effect in the development process. It ensures removal of issues that occur from third parties or outsourcing.

4. Non utilized talent

 Waste Of Talent

This kind of waste occurs on that time when project team do not succeed to take the advantage of the huge range talent, idea, skills and capabilities of their team members. This problem can be avoided by the use of agile principles. It is designed to eliminate non utilized talent waste.

5. Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Sharing

The transportation represent to hand off and corresponding deficiency while transfer of knowledge. It is mainly described as relearning where one member of the team hands off task to another team member. The member of another team required to relearn what is already known to the first team member. Nature of team makes it positive that every single member of the team share the detail of the project.

These are top five delays which are sometime hard to find when applications are created. If you don’t find them on time, it will be impossible to remove them. You have to know how to remove them properly. If you face this downtime problem and you need help, you can consult with our Toronto based mobile application developers.

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