7 Practical & Effective Strategies To Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Customer is the king holds true in all forms of the businesses. If you have customers, you have your business as no customers, no more business! A business foundation is laid by customer acquisition but it is the customer retention which actually makes a business grow by leaps and bounds.

In this competitive market, getting a customer is a difficult task and retaining them is even more difficult. It has been observed that a 5 % increase in retention rate, can actually make your business 25-95 % more profitable.

If this is so, it makes customer retention a very serious an important task, which should be carried out through focused and planned strategy. So, let’s get ready to get your customers to hold on for lifetime with the following strategies.

1. Know the Customer

Know the Customer

It is very important that you know your customers. This does not mean to know them in person but to know their tastes and preferences. What all they are enjoying the most out of your services. What is the best thing they like about your product?

When you know this, you can plan strategies to achieve the same. Web analytics, behavioral data, customer profiles will help you in getting the right information. This in turn helps in collecting right data to initiate customer engagement.

2. Personalized Services

Personalized Services

This is what every customer is looking out for. For customers, a good company is which communicates with them and hear all their problems. This is exactly you have to do.

Make sure you have a voice instead of machines asking them to dial numbers one after the other. Shopping assistance, customized messages and notifications based on their tastes will help in more sales and eventually more profits!

3. Educate Them About Your Product

Educate Them About Your Product

Customers hardly know what goes inside a product or service. All they know is how that thing is used but still they have a lot of doubts in their mind regarding quality, functioning etc. When you will educated them about the same, all their doubts will be vanished and they will be confident before buying.

This will make them trust you and your brand, leaving a positive impact of your brand. Also, make sure to provide quality service after they have purchased your product to maintain that good image.

4. Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Guess What? More than 70 % of the Internet users are using social media and your customers are also there. So, what are you waiting for? Go social and meet your customers on these social sites to increase customer engagements.

This will let your customers share their experiences and expectations. Apart from this, you can improve your service quality by monitoring their reactions to your services, provide consistent support, engage them through offers, games, keep track of the feedback etc.

5. Offer Free Wi-Fi Service

Offer Free Wi-Fi Service

The more free services and support you provide to your customers, more the chances of retention. Offer them free wi-fi when they visit your premises as this will give them a good feel of added advantage, your company has to offer.

This also helps them stay longer at your premises, making more chances of a sale as customers tend to walk and observe the products while browsing. Apart from this, you can serve them tea and snacks to create a positive impact of your company on them.

6. Provide Added Benefits

Provide Added Benefits

Nothing shocks customers to their sudden happiness than the added and free offers. Giving your customers some discounts or added benefits occasionally, will help in forming life long relationship with your customers.

When your competitors are offering same services at almost same price, these little things will work wonders for you to stay ahead in the competition.

7. Prepare a Feedback Strategy

Prepare a Feedback Strategy

It is extremely important that you have a feedback strategy in place to know the valuable feedback for the post purchase experience. You can do this through surveys or talking directly over phone and chat.

This helps in knowing that your product has failed, passed or needs any improvement. Have an online/offline presence to increase customer satisfaction and engagement as ultimately it is the customer only, for whom you make your products.

Online customer satisfaction is a huge part of any brand. Our web designers totally understand what it means to offer a custom solution to clients – a pre-requisite of any customer satisfaction strategy.

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