Grocery List of WP Plugins – 25 Useful Plugins for Your WP Website

We can sense what you are thinking. This will just be another ‘n’ Best WordPress Plugins list that will bore you to oblivion. Trust me, we have been through those posts. Everyone who is someone in web design and development has a list of plugins they call the best. But its always nothing but empty promises.

Useful Plugins for Your WP Website

Anyone who blindly supports plugins is either being dishonest or misinformed. In fact, WordPress plugins are plagued by many coding errors and often slow down the website. They’re terrible! But we ain’t discussing such half-baked list here. We are not going to sugar coat and shove some plugins down your throat just for the sake of it. No, we are better than that.

Seriously, this is a thoroughly researched and well-crafted list of best WordPress plugins by any standard. Its totally relevant today and is bound to help webmasters and well-known developers alike. Its meant to solve problems achieve performance and most of all, be safe for your website.

Without further ado, lets get started.

Yoast SEO

Perhaps the most well-known SEO plugin, this helps fully optimize your WordPress website as per current trends. Although it does not replace a dedicated SEO manager,Yoast SEO can certainly help you tick mark the basics. Essentials such as image tags, keywords, titles, etc are well taken care of.

Telegram for WordPress

This powerful and fast messenger application is growing steadily in the WP community. Open API means anyone can connect easily. Privacy and security credentials of Telegram for WordPress are very good.


Acronym for ‘Yet Another Related Posts Plugin’ this useful tool helps you display posts, pages, and content related to the current page. This can help increase page visits to other similar content that the user is presently browsing. YARPP is efficient in finding related posts, tags, content, categories and titles all across your blog/website.


This is primarily a pseudo website manager that lets you track traffic, visitor stats and security. Its inherent tools include Publicize, Related Posts, Sharing and Enhanced Duration. This comprehensive tool lets you tailor contact forms, custom CSS, subscriptions and notifications.


As the name suggests, it allows for seamless discussions and web comments. The default WP comments section is replaced with a robust element that provides spam filtering, comment indexing, RSS options, and subscriptions.

Google XML Sitemaps

For better indexing of your website, use this plugin. Every search engine is supported including Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo and more. Crawlers can sift through the website more easily and your website is received well by search engines.


Tired of spam comments that fill your message boards? Use Akismet that has a huge database of spam comments to filter out the culprits.

Clef Two-Factor Authentication

2-factor authentication is a huge step forward in website security. Clef allows you to use two-factor authentication without making it seem complex. It’s the future! If you can’t seem to manage your passwords effectively, Clef is the way to go.

Membership Pro 2

Want to transform your blog into a membership club? Membership Pro 2 is ideal for this purpose. You can give access to videos, forums, online content, downloads section, and support via a dedicated membership mechanism. Recurring payments can also be set up on autopilot mode.

Foo Gallery

Image management is another huge concern. Foo Gallery takes the pain out of image management with a fluid interface. Media uploader is from the native WordPress and is loaded with new add-ons. It is definitely a step ahead from the traditional gallery plugins.

Pheww. That was tons of plugins. But we surely covered most of the important ones. These may not be suitable for everyone but do serve most of the purposes around. Take your pick and just get going.

WP Smush

Everyone has to deal with large images. WP Smush solves this perennial problem by reducing the file size of the images, enhance speed of loading and improve SEO parameters.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

Improve your website’s security with All in One WP Security & Firewall plugin. Stringent checks ensure that ll the vulnerabilities are taken care of

Gravity Forms

This contact forms plugin allows webmasters to manage forms efficiently. In Gravity Forms , Information is collected and managed effectively for various forms such as job applications, WP post creation, contact forms, calculators and more.


Losing data is a nightmare. BackUpWordPress ensures that files and databases are secure and retrievable in case of loss. There is no complex setup here.

Google Analytics by Yoast

This allows for easy traffic tracking and administration of traffic analysis. This Yoast plugin is well updated with Google Analytics.

WP Rocket

A caching plugin, it has taken WP realm by storm. It’s even better than W3 Total Cache. WP Rocket’s got fewer options, is super easy to configure, works faster and delivers more effective results.


Want more traffic? ShareThis allows your users to easily share the content on your website through various social media channels such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Facebook and more.

Brute Protect

Brute force attacks can be scary. Brute Protect works great against automated scripts that are designed to hack aggressively. However, keep it as a secondary security measure and protection against vulnerability scripts.

Safe Redirect Manager

It is an HTTP redirect manager. Only whitelisted hosts are allowed through a safe wp_safe_redirect function.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

A simple and powerful WordPress podcasting solution that’s easy to use. With minimum settings and a native WordPress interface, this helps you publish your content seamlessly.

Vault Press

As discussed, backups are integral to WP life. This is a secure backup plugin vaultpress that promises to get things done with just a single click. There’s more peace of mind when it comes to getting your website back online.

Force Strong Passwords

Websites with no password security are as good as dead. Force Strong Passwords is the ultimate in securing your website with highly strong passwords. The sooner you install it, the better. It’s that good!

W3 Total Cache

No more slow page speeds. W3 Total Cache increases page speed and enhances user experiences by optimizing server performance, smooth content delivery and low download times.

Page Builder

This tool simplifies the process of creating responsive page layouts. Users can create responsive pages using simple drag-and-drop options along with living editing. All the themes and standard WP widgets are supported.

WP Migrate DB Pro

This data migration plugin can seamlessly move all the media library and database from one location another. The interface is slick and helps you switch from one host to another easily. Users can also move to local development ecosystem from a remote server.

Your favorite plugin is not here?

We surely were overwhelmed by the amount of research we put in. But we are sure there are many treasures out there waiting to be discovered. If there’s any of your favorite plugin that you think is worthy of sharing, we would love to hear from you. Comments are open. If it’s really good, we will add it to the post.
We really hope this list is helpful.