6 Latest WordPress Development Trends in Shaping Up in 2016!

When it comes to developing your website with the best designs and features, nothing beats WordPress. From a mere blogging tool, this CMS has come a long way in becoming one of the most used platforms for developing websites

6 Latest WordPress Development Trends in Shaping Up in 2016!

Every year new and advanced WordPress trends come in the market, making it even more efficient and user-friendly. As a developer, it is important that your WordPress designs have a fresh and updated version in sync with the latest technology being used in the market.

It is important to understand which all trends are most likely to stay forever which not only meets technical requirements but gives a good customer experience too. It all depends on your taste and preferences but whatever you choose should guarantee the success of a website.

6 Latest WordPress Development Trends For 2016

  1. Ascendable Vector Graphic Images

    Using SVG images is the latest trend to watch out for. The Scalable Vector Graphics gives a great respite in creating different graphics versions and logos for multiple screen sizes.

    It is so because, in SVG images, there is no need to use actual pixels for the different mathematical data shapes and curves. With SVG, you can create a single file icon having the ability to flash, bounce and finish with the help of a pirouette.

  2. Responsive Design

    This is no surprise as more and more users are switching to their smartphones for accessing websites.
    It is very much a Google factor too as responsive websites are likely to get a higher ranking in their SERP’s.

    Not only this helps to cater to a wide mobile audience but keeps in pace with the latest mobile technologies in order to successfully run an online business. It really helps to build a strong website reputation by serving together with the different mobile audience.

  3. Interactive Design With a Moving Background

    This moving background interactive design is becoming the favorite design trend among websites, making them stand out of the crowd.

    Flipkart, Paypal, Spotify are the websites who have gained a lot of success by using moving backgrounds in their design. You can use it with the various free interactive web design themes for your next web design project.

  4. The Flat Design

    If you want to improve a website’s user experience, nothing beats a flat design. This is so because they convey the message to the targeted audience in a fast way along with making a website to look great too. It focuses more on the content and the broader color palette reducing the work of background textures to a great deal.

  5. The Modular Design

    Modular design helps in putting the information in small boxes instead of placing them in broader ones, making the information flow even more interactive. The best thing about modular design is that it provides users with an easily recognizable visual pattern.

    This greatly encourages users to move to the targeted areas quickly and efficiently. They also greatly complement flat designs, giving shape and context to the other spare elements.

  6. Infographics

    Infographics make reading fun for the users by making a plain text interactive with the help of content, colors, movement, and images, which are capable enough to catch user attention.

    It is essential to develop them in the right manner as a poorly designed one will make the information a mess with too much of cartoon graphics all over it. For a convincing story, it is important to approach them with the data perspective.

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