How to Avoid Downtime During the App Development Process

Generally, startup stages of an app making process take considerable time and naturally some basic mistakes are made. These issues end wasting a lot of downtimes. As you know an app is a crucial thing for your business since it helps to make a great relationship with your clients.

Avoid Downtime During the App Development Process

App development downtimes can be harmful to your clients. A downtime mainly describes unnecessarily waiting, consisting of product issues, non-utilized resources, overproduction, and others.

Here are common issues that you should avoid during the iOS and Android app development process.

  1. Defects

    Defects mean there is an issue or mistake in your app development. If it happens, means a described program fail to meet the developer’s expected results. With the help of agile squad methodology, it is easy to remove coding errors and bugs during the initial app development. Developers use code review to improve the quality of app code and implement efficient coding. A testing during development process, means you can lower defects when app is ready to enter mobile app testing or QA.

  2. Overproduction

    This problem occurs when you try to produce more than is required to gain the desired outcome. In mobile application development, this is seen as extra functionalities. Feature set planning offers the way to remove overproduction and cut the flab. It helps to delay excess product decisions until you get in the right position to make them. You will not build unnecessary features or functionality thereby lowering the load on the team.

  3. Waiting

    It is when any process causes delays in the delivery or app development such as delays for external parties, tasks to be completed and resource gap internally. You can get the help of squad-based agile development approach to reduce this effect in the development process. It ensures removal of issues that occur from third parties or outsourcing.

  4. Non utilized talent

    This kind of waste occurs on that time when the project team does not succeed to take advantage of the huge range talent, idea, skills and capabilities of their team members. This problem can be avoided by the use of agile principles. It is designed to eliminate non-utilized talent waste.

  5. Knowledge Transfer

    The transportation represents to hand off and corresponding deficiency while the transfer of knowledge. It is mainly described as relearning where one member of the team hands off the task to another team member. The member of another team required to relearn what is already known to the first team member. Nature of the team makes it positive that every single member of the team share the detail of the project.

These are top five delays which are sometimes hard to find when applications are created. If you don’t find them on time, it will be impossible to remove them. You have to know how to remove them properly. If you face this downtime problem and you need help, you can consult with our Toronto based mobile application developers.