Mobile App Development Trends that Still Rule in 2016

Mobile App Technology

Our smartphones have turned out to be our friend in need. Whether its shopping, ordering food, transferring money, hiring cab or many more, it can be done instantly with the help of your mobiles. It is playing a crucial role in completing our daily tasks. Mobile app technology is growing at a fast pace and we need to modify our apps according to the demand of the mobile market. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends is a necessity. Few of the latest mobile development trends are:

  1. Speedier Mobile Development
    Speedier Mobile Development

    With growing demand to launch mobile apps for businesses, the demand of faster mobile development has also grown. Every business wants to launch its products faster than others, for this they need mobile platform.

    Faster app development can be reached if we cut down the gap between development and launch. Advanced tools and frameworks for rapid development of apps are now readily available for fast delivery of mobile applications.

  2. Security
    Security has grown as the most trending challenge of mobile application industry. Hackers are continuously breaking the security gaps by obtaining confidential information. Almost 70% of websites fail the basic security tests. Security will remain a great concern to overcome. Efficient app developers needs to overcome security issues such as insecure data storage, bad cryptography and leakage of data. They need to develop applications which not only provides business features but also security and safety.

  3. Cloud Technology
    Cloud Technology
    Cloud technology has a blooming future. It will play a crucial role in the app development revolution. Application developers are focused towards integrating and synchronizing apps among multiple devices through app cloud. This will build functionalities that can be easily accessed from different devices. Developers are provided with tools for building, integrating, testing and submitting their product to the app stores through the cloud.

  4. M-Commerce
    With development of online goods and banking apps, people are trending towards m-commerce rather than e-commerce. This is a positive sign for growing mobile market. Transferring money or purchasing goods using a mobile app is becoming common. There is a better future for banking, m-commerce, online shopping and payment applications.

  5. Mobile Gaming
    Mobile Gaming
    The trend of multi player gaming is on rapid increase on mobile platform. Various gaming apps are launched on daily basis through cloud services. Presence of games on social media is on rise through gaming links. Syncing of games on various devices is supported through cloud technology.

  6. App Analytics and Big Data
    App Analytics and Big Data
    User experience is an integral part of mobile technology platform. Data analytics plays an important role in helping app developers to analyze the user experience to make improvements in the app. Most users shares their experience after using any app. This experience data is collected by big data or app analytics and should not be ignored. Learn from it about what they need more to make your application more successful.

These were the few latest trends in mobile app development. Following these can help you develop latest and trendy mobile app. Iron paper is a web design and development company in Toronto which provides you with mobile development , web development and web designing services.

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