7 UI Tips for Developing Mobile Applications

Mobile apps have gained dominance over websites all over the world. Majority of users prefer mobile access rather than the web. The main reason is mobile apps are handier than web apps. Mobile traffic is on a constant rise in the internet market. You can’t neglect the importance of having a fully featured mobile app. User Interface (UI) design is a vital aspect which can affect your application’s credibility.

7 UI Tips for Developing Mobile Applications

Design tips for effective User Interface:

  1. Responsive design

    The app you design should be flexible enough to function effectively on a wide variety of mobile operating systems. The design should be responsive enough that it should not crash on any device. Focus on handling issues and displaying issues of the app on multiple mobile devices.

  2. Iterate UI designs

    You can repeat the designs you used earlier. This can help you retain the attention of targeted users. With each iteration, you’ll be able to acknowledge your previous faults and can improve them in next designs.

  3. Effective security

    Most designers focus on security in the later stage of app development. You need to consult the back-end team to ensure that the right set of data is used in an effective manner. Security should be considered in every phase of the development process.

  4. Keep things simple

    Your design should be simple enough that if a new user uses your mobile application for the first time, he could start easily without having any need to go through the detailed instructions. A simple user interface can allow the user to perform multiple tasks with minimum complexity.

  5. Real time testing

    Involving real users while evaluating UI designs. This can reduce the confusion of features in the early phase of development. The risk of adding or deleting a feature after the whole design has been developed will be reduced.

  6. Use graphics

    A mobile application with attractive looks is preferred over a simple looking application. You can use animations and graphics to please users. Incorporating rich visual controls will instruct the user to interact with the application.

  7. Follow OS guidelines

    When designing an app, it is advised to follow user guidelines related to an operating system. Select the vital features and reject the unwanted ones. You should read and follow the guidelines that are laid down for creating the user interface for an app.

A mobile app’s user interface should be simple, easy to understand and user-friendly. An effective user interface can help you stand out of the crowd. These were a few UI design tips. Iron paper is a web and mobile application development company in Toronto offering you iOS and Android app development solutions within your budget.