2016’s Latest Web Design Trends Watch Out For

If you want to move your web design into a new aesthetic and trendy realm, there is no good time than 2016. The year will witness many new design trends that you need to watch out for. Generally last year, you saw web design trends that were remnants of 2014. Some of them have proven themselves worthy and some fail to carry over into 2016 in the Internet market.

 Latest Web Design Trends Watch Out For

In 2016, you will see many more trends. Most of them help to understand graphic and web design techniques that will shape the upcoming year. It also helps to meet with your user’s requirements. Let’s take one look at these forthcoming web design trends.

  1. Material Design Trend

    Material design trend is used to load the website faster and scales the icons in any size without losing the quality. Google introduced them with new and latest graphics elements. It is not the same as a flat design. Flat design is mainly used to presenting UI and graphical elements. Material design trend is a good option for those designers who want stylish and trendy visual designs on their website. It is a 3D based web design trend.

  2. Typography

    Typography is more than just typefaces. Generally, typography is used to leave the best impact of the brand over the user. It comes with its own two trends – one is serifs and another one is hand-writing. These both are used for different purposes. Series is used to get screen resolution and sizes are larger. On the other hand, hand-writing is used to give a pretty look and special touch to the website. Mainly, it is used in logos, business card, menus, headers and post titles.

  3. More Images, Relevant Text

    As you know clients like to see more images and video than a plain text. If you have good quality and high-resolution images and videos on your site, browsers will definitely love your site. If you need more content for your website, try to upload great images.

  4. Less Focus on Ads and More Focus on Content

    The ad is the greatest way to earn more money. It is just a kind of side business. However, excess ads fail to attract the client and it is content that matters more. Impressive content consists of useful information embedded in visually appealing elements. Its what makes the users interested in digesting the content.

  5. Designer Tools

    There are many design tools that are helpful for the designer to make design layouts and prototype websites. There are mainly two types of designer tools – one is Adobe project Comet and the second is a sketch. Adobe project Comet is the new latest tool in the market. This tool works with Photoshop and Illustrator. The sketch is an app and it works with only Photoshop.

These are the few web design trends that you can see in this year. Choose any one of the trends to design for your site. Before selecting it, make sure the chosen trend is good for your project. Do involve talented web designers into your search for the perfect web design.

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