Welcome Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google’s newest entrant, called Google Analytics 360 Suite, now comes loaded with power-packed products that come together to deliver a wholesome digital marketing management experience. From landing page testing to DMP, it aims to bring simplicity to an otherwise complex ecosystem.

Google Analytics 360 Suite

Laborious is Out. Seamless is In.

Marketing data is scattered across various channels. Its often noted that this course data fragmentation leads to bottlenecks in advertising strategy, especially for large enterprises. So, this suite aims to provide an integrated approach by mixing traditional analytics tools with DoubleClick and AdWords.

So, let’s see what’s new.

  • DMP – This much anticipated feature was expected since long in the DoubleClick’s arsenal. This data management platform can be tied to AdWords, DoubleClick, and other similar DSPs. Such a mix allows marketers to create various segments of the audience and target them appropriately. It makes sure that the same audience is not targeted repeatedly with similar ad campaigns on multiple channels.DoubleClick and AdWords advertisers can leverage on such an integrated model to bring together all their targeted potential customer groups onto a single platform. Google RLSA campaigns can also be carried over to the Google Display Network. Audience 360 can be combined with other CRMs to access ‘Customer Match Targeting’ email lists in real time.
  • On-site testing tool – No more using hit-and-miss homegrown tools in the open market. Google Optimize 360 offers extensive landing page testing features within the suite. There’s no coding. Users experience improved content personalization, test layouts, offers and respective funnel flows. As with other features, it too can be integrated with AdWords and DoubleClick for real-time testing of campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis – Google Data Studio 360 allows large enterprises to sift through tons of data and collaborate with other users in real time. With Google Docs as the framework, it helps unlock the marketing information that otherwise is lost in processing. Meaningful data is now within access for functional teams in various departments.
  • Google Tag Manager 360 – This product, derived from Google Analytics, offers improved functionality with powerful APIs, simplified data collection and streamline workflows.
  • Google Analytics 360 – Earlier Google Analytics Premium has now been rebranded as Google Analytics 360. There are no fundamental changes to the platform as compared to the past.
  • Google Attribution 360 – It provides insights such as offline campaign information, data across devices/channels and more.

All these products can be purchased independently to create a customized setup as per the enterprises’ requirements. These can further be integrated with third-party products as well. A tailored dashboard can be created for efficient productivity. Later, Google aims to retire Google Analytics Premium and Adometry.

Let’s see how much success Google Analytics Suite 360 tastes.