5 Totally Free Google Tools everyone should Know About

Google, the largest and leading search engine, provides a lot of free tools to help you promote your website. You like Google or not, it does not matter but you have to admit one thing that the tools of Google are essential to achieve your business goals.

Free Google Tools everyone should Know About

Some Google tools are paid while others may be free. They can serve various purposes like web development, design, graphics, website promotion, analytics, management, etc. You can avail these tools to get success in Internet marketing. These tools help improve your organic search traffic.

Let’s get a look on 5 most important Google tools:

  1. Google Webmaster

    It is free of cost tool that helps to know how Google sees your website. When you log in to the Google Webmaster tool, you see many options including site configuration, site health, and optimization. In site configuration, you can check your site’s setting on the web. This section contains site links and URL parameters. In site health section you can see crawl errors, blocked URLs. At last site optimization, it contains content keywords, site maps and HTML improvement suggestion.

  2. Google Analytics

    Google analytics is free of cost service offered by Google to analyze the traffic of your website. During the search engine optimization process, you need to use this tool to track the performance or information about your website. Through this tool, you are able to know how your visitors locate your website and know which pages or links the user clicks the most.

  3. Google Adwords keyword planner

    Google does not take any charges for using this tool either. It means you can use it without paying any charges. Get the help of this tool to search relevant keywords for your site. You can’t use the keyword planner tool without an account of Google Adwords. After creating an account on Google Adwords, keyword planner allows you to search both short and long tail keywords for your site.

  4. Google Trends

    You might have heard about Google trends. This tool is used to compare traffic of various search terms and you can compare at least five searches at a time including geographical area, categories and time span. Creative web designers also use trends to know the latest hot trends in the website designing industry.

  5. Google Drive

    It is a free online storage device that allows you to use up to 15 GB storage to keep your files, photos, videos, documents, and many others. After storing, you can see your stuff any time in any device including smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. It means wherever you go, your files follow you.

There are so many more free tools provided by Google. Generally, the company launches its new tools and services and many of them are paid and some are available at reasonable prices. Hope you make the most of these free tools.