5 WordPress e-Commerce Web Designs that Promise More Conversion

Today, e-Commerce has really taken off. Not everyone has enough time to go shopping and buy clothes, shoes and other items. Most people use e-Commerce sites for shopping. People like to use the Internet to fulfill their daily requirements right from grocery to clothing.

No wonder it has become a crowded marketplace and e-Commerce web designers are feeling the heat. It is very important that you have an effective web design for your site helps to grab the attraction of customer.

WordPress eCommerce Web Designs

Make sure you craft a high-quality web design for your store. Because design is just not only about your business. It is more of a convenience to your customer to complete their order seamlessly.

Here’s what we think are 5 e-Commerce design trends that you just can’t ignore anymore

  1. Awesome Logo Create a brand image with a great looking logo design. It may take a lot of efforts and time. A logo is a combination of words and imagery that reflect your services. A logo shows the name of the company and the symbol of the logo represent your business or services. A professional and good looking logo helps build the trust of customers. Make your logo simple, clear and readable as it serves as a business card for you.
  2. Make Shopping Easy Shopping cart is a critical feature for every online retail website. Whenever you build an e-Commerce site for your business, make sure you insert ‘add to cart’ button. There are two types of shopping cart features that people love. First is the shopping cart button that always appears on top telling the item has been added. The second one is used to notify about the addition of another product to the same cart.
  3. Images of item – Experts agree that the business of an e-Commerce portal depends on photography. Because people purchase with their eyes! A well-composed item image helps attract customers. Try to insert a high quality and large images on your store.
  4. Don’t force users to sign up Many online shopping sites have these pushy sales features. It doesn’t help your cause in any way. Rather, it leaves a bad impression on customers. Most of the people don’t sign up at all and at the end, they shut down the site immediately. You should add an option of sign up in a subtle way.
  5. Show contact information clearly – Contact information is vital for every online business. When you build an e-Commerce website, make sure you insert your current contact information. In case, if you change your office number and customer care number, update it immediately.

Remember one more thing, your e-Commerce site should be mobile responsive. Mobile consumers are now surpassing desktop users. We believe a good e-Commerce shopping experience can only be delivered by a perfectly designed hand-coded WP website. Our WP e-Commerce developers know what makes online businesses click.