Best PPC Tools You Should Try in 2016

Are you running a PPC AdWords campaign? Do you know what is the main problems of this ad campaign? You can easily lose your money in a very short time if your campaign fails. If you are thinking to start a new PPC ad, you need a great strategy. With a carefully crafted strategy, you also need pay per click tools that will save you time.

Best PPC Tools You Should Try in 2016

There are so many PPC tools and all the good ones are mentioned below. You can learn a lot in this article about all pay per click tools.

  1. AdWords Editor

    AdWords Editor is a free application provided by Google. It manages all AdWords advertising campaigns. You need this tool when you run multiple accounts with multiple campaigns. It allows you to manage, view and edit all accounts at the same time and also allow moving or copy items between campaigns.

  2. Bing Ads Editor

    Like AdWords Editor, it is also a free tool offered by Google. The main benefit of this tool, you can make changes in your campaign offline and publish all changes when you come back online. You also can search new keywords for your ad and add these keywords in your account. It makes your campaign faster.

  3. SEM Rush

    SEM Rush is the most important tool in internet marketing that allows you to conduct competitive research on any domain name. It also helps you accomplish other things including competitor research, backlink analysis, keyword research, and site audit. You have to pay some amount to get the benefits of this tool.

  4. SpyFu

    This tool is totally different from others because it has the ability to download your competitor’s comprehensive keywords. You can say it is a secret formula of Internet marketing. To get maximum ROI, you need to target the right keywords. In online marketing, there are only keywords that build the difference between achievement and breakdown when it comes about pay per click ad campaign.

  5. BuzzSumo

    BuzzSumo help to find the most shared content on a given topic. You can see you which topic get more attention from users. If you want to purchase this tool, you have to pay $99 per month.

  6. Google AdWords app

    If you are not available at your office and you don’t have your laptop and it’s important to make some changes in your ad campaign, for this critical situation Google launched Google AdWords app. This app is available in Google Play Store and Apple store. Through this app, you can adjust keywords bid and also manage AdWords object.

There you have it. If you are looking to build a successful PPC ad campaign, these free tools are going to be extremely helpful. All these tools are very useful if you use them as a part of your ad campaign strategy. If you want know more about them, make a call to our Google AdWords Certified professionals.