4 Essential PHP Development Tips for Successful Web Development

PHP hypertext pre-processor is one of the most popular, open source language used in web development. It is a server side scripting language used for creating dynamic web pages. Most popular sites such as Facebook and WordPress are developed on this platform. WordPress uses themes and plugins based on this language. PHP files contain HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP coding. These files are saved with a .php extension.

4 Essential PHP Development Tips for Successful Web Development

4 most essential PHP development tricks for creating interactive web page are discussed below:

  1. Organize your code

    If you want to be a successful PHP developer, then you should firstly work on indenting your code and using white spaces. Various text editors are available which can automatically indent your code, but if you are not using any of them, then indent it manually. A well organized and structured code provides you an advantage of visualizing properly, where the code start and ends, where a condition is applied etc. Writing comments along with your code help other developers to go through your code easily.

  2. Error Reporting

    Error reporting in PHP is a concept that supports any of your exceptional mistakes. The bugs which don’t go through your eyes as it cannot be fatal can be caught by an error reporting tool. Error reporting can be assigned 0 or 1 based on the fact, whether you want to test your code for an error or not. At its different levels, it can display warnings, critical errors and all errors.

  3. Security

    PHP is considered easier than other languages as it has less complex coding and easy syntaxes. Due to its increasing usage in web development, most of the sites are giving priority for developing sites in PHP. As most of the PHP themes are available online for free, they come with several disadvantages of easy hacking and malicious snippet codes. So, if you are working with core PHP and any of its frameworks, do learn about its security too. Developing a secured site is a necessity.

  4. Use Frameworks

    Most of us consider working on frameworks as it is easy and less time-consuming. Though, there are few developers who view coding on core PHP better. If you want to develop a website just in a few days, then the best option for you is to use frameworks. There are plenty of frameworks to choose from, select the one you feel is easier and is familiar to you. WordPress is the most widely used PHP framework, Laravel is competing it now. Using a framework provides you better web development techniques.

These are the essential PHP Development tips which use should be aware of before you start to develop a web page. Our WordPress developers in Toronto follow many more tips to deliver a successful website. Consul them for a website redesign or new design.