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5 Common PPC Campaign Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Paid Campaign

Campaign Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Paid Campaign

Every digital business owner uses Google AdWords to lead his or her business. Google AdWords and PPC Management, both are the greatest way to generate organic traffic on your website. You can target the visitors and users in searches, but if you make some silly mistakes in your campaign, it will waste most of the money that you spend on the campaign.

Is your Google AdWords campaign performing inefficiently and costing more than it gives back? You know, what the best point of this campaign is, you can easily modify it any time. It may take just a few days or may be a few hours, but you can recover your losses. If you make a good Pay Per Click bid, you will showered with sales. On the other hand, if you make a bad PPC bid, you will lose your money.

Let’s have a look on few common mistakes that make your PPC campaign inefficient

1. Not using the right keywords correctly

Not using the right keywords

If you run a Google AdWords campaign, obviously you know there are three types of keywords including broad match keyword, phrase match keywords and exact match keywords. Most of the people think that keywords are good for their campaign that have high search volume. But it is not true. It is very important that you choose low or medium volume keywords.

2. Forget the campaign after setting it

Forget the campaign after setting it

Running a campaign is a constant game that you have to play continuously. You will get many opportunities for growth. So, don’t forget about your campaign after setting it. Stay in touch with it and check it’s progress day by day.

3. Don’t add location

Don’t add location

Do you know Google AdWords platform offers you several location targeting options? If you run an online business and your business relies on your customers in a particular location, adding location is the best option to target your clients. To upgrade the performance of your ad campaign, you can target the clients based on city, state or country.

4. Tackling too many keywords in a single ad group

Tackling too many keywords in a single ad group

This is one of the most common mistake people make with their ad group. When you do this, no keywords have good impressions. It is not good for the health of your ad campaign and it will also lower the CTR (click through rate).

5. Don’t know about your competitors

Don’t know about your competitors

Not knowing about the competitors’ campaign is another big mistake. You need to know what keywords are they using in their ad campaign.
There is no secret to get successful ad campaign. For the successful paid ads campaign, you just need to avoid these mistakes and you can maximize the chances of success. Before creating a campaign, set your goal and work accordingly. For more information, you can talk with our Google Adwords professionals in Toronto.

Best PPC Tools You Should Try in 2016

PPC AdWords campaign

Are you running a PPC AdWords campaign? You know what is the main problems of this ad campaign? You can easily lose your money in a very short time, if your campaign fails. If you are thinking to start a new PPC ad, you need a great strategy. With a carefully crafted strategy, you also need pay per click tools that will save your time.

There are so many PPC tools and all the good ones are mentioned below. You can learn lot in this article about all pay per click tools.

1. AdWords Editor

AdWords logo

AdWords Editor is free application provided by Google. It manages all AdWords advertising campaigns. You need this tool when you run multiple accounts with multiple campaigns. It allows you to manage, view and edit all accounts at the same time and also allow moving or copy items between campaigns.

2. Bing Ads Editor

Bing Ads Editor

Like AdWords Editor, it is also free tool offered by Google. The main benefit of this tool, you can make changes in your campaign offline and publish all changes when you are come back online. You also can search new keywords for your ad and add these keywords in your account. It makes your campaign faster.

3. SEM Rush

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is the most important tool in internet marketing that allows you to conduct competitive research on any domain name. It also helps you accomplish other things including competitor research, backlink analysis, keyword research and site audit. You have to pay some amount to get the benefits of this tool.

4. SpyFu

SpyFu tool

This tool is totally different from others because it has ability to download your competitor’s comprehensive keywords. You can say it is a secret formula of Internet marketing. To get maximum ROI, you need to target the right keywords. In online marketing, there are only keywords that build the difference between achievement and breakdown when it comes about pay per click ad campaign.

5. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo Tool

BuzzSumo help to find the most shared content on a given topic. You can see your which topic get more attention of users. If you want purchase this tool, you have to pay $99 per month.

6. Google AdWords app

Google AdWords app

If you are not available at your office and you don’t have your laptop and it’s important to make some changes in your ad campaign, for this critical situation Google launched Google AdWords app. This app is available in Google Play Store and Apple store. Through this app you can adjust keywords bid and also manage AdWords object.

There you have it. If you are looking to build a successful PPC ad campaign, these free tools are going to be extremely helpful. All these tools are very useful if you use them as a part of your ad campaign strategy. If you want know more about them, make a call to our Google AdWords Certified professionals.

5 Totally Free Google Tools everyone should Know About

Google, the largest and leading search engine, provides a lot of free tools to help you promote your website. You like Google or not, it does not matter but you have to admit one thing that the tools of Google are essential to achieve your business goals.

Some Google tools are paid while others may be free. They can serve various purposes like web development, design, graphics, website promotion, analytics, management etc. You can avail these tools to get success in Internet marketing. These tools help improve your organic search traffic.

Important Google Tools List

Let’s get a look on 5 most important Google tools:

  1. Google Webmaster : It is free of cost tool that helps to know how Google sees your website. When you log in to the Google Webmaster tool, you see many options including site configuration, site health and optimization. In site configuration, you can check your site’s setting on the web. This section contains site links and URL parameters. In site health section you can see crawl errors, blocked URLs. At last site optimization, it contains content keywords, site maps and HTML improvement suggestion.

  2. Google Analytics : Google analytics is a free of cost service offered by Google to analyze the traffic of your website. During search engine optimization process, you need to use this tool to track the performance or information about your website. Through this tool, you are able to know how your visitors locate your website and know which pages or links user clicks the most.

  3. Google Analytics Tools

  4. Google Adwords keyword planner : Google does not take any charges for using this tool either. It means you can use it without paying any charges. Get the help of this tool to search relevant keywords for your site. You can’t use keyword planner tool without an account of Google Adwords. After creating an account on Google Adwords, keyword planner allow you to search both short and long tail keywords for your site.

  5. Google Trends : You might have heard about Google trends. This tool is used to compare traffic of various search terms and you can compare at least five searches at a time including geographical area, categories and time span. Creative web designers also use trends to know the latest hot trends in the website designing industry.

  6. Google Drive : It is a free online storage device that allows you to use up to 15 GB storage to keep your files, photos, videos, documents and many others. After storing, you can see your stuff any time in any device including smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop. It means wherever you go, your files follow you.

Google Drive Tools

There are so many more free tools provided by Google. Generally, the company launches its new tools and services and many of them are paid and some are available at reasonable prices. Hope you make the most of these free tools.

Welcome Google Analytics 360 Suite – Google launches its newest feature rich analytics behemoth and its got us excited

Google’s newest entrant, called Google Analytics 360 Suite, now comes loaded with power packed products that come together to deliver a wholesome digital marketing management experience. From landing page testing to DMP, it aims to bring simplicity to an otherwise complexe eco system.

Laborious is Out. Seamless is In.

Marketing data is scattered across various channels. Its often noted that this coarse data fragmentation leads to bottlenecks in advertising strategy, especially for large enterprises. So, this suite aims to provide an integrated approach by mixing traditional analytics tools with DoubleClick and AdWords.

So, let’s see what’s new.

  • DMP – This much anticipated feature was expected since long in the DoubleClick’s arsenal. This data managment platform can be tied to AdWords, DoubleClick and other similar DSPs. Such a mix allows marketers to create various segments of audience and target them appropriately. It makes sure that the same audience is not targeted repeatedly with similar ad campaigns on multiple channels.

DoubleClick and AdWords advertisers can leverage on such an integrated model to bring together all their targeted potential customer groups onto a single platform. Google RLSA campaigns can also be carried over to the Google Display Network. Audience 360 can be combined with other CRMs to acces ‘Customer Match Targeting’ email lists in real time.

Welcome Google Analytics 360 Suite – Google launches its newest feature rich analytics behemoth and its got us excited

  • On-site testing tool: No more using hit-and-miss homegrown tools in the open market. Google Optimize 360 offers extensive landing page testing features within the suite. There’s no coding. Users experience improved content personalization, test layouts, offers and respective funnel flows. As with other features, it too can be integrated with AdWords and DoubleClick for real-time testing of campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis – Google Data Studio 360 allows large enterprises to sift through tons of data and collaborate with other users in real time. With Google Docs as the framework, it helps unlock the marketing information that otherwise is lost in processing. Meaningful data is now within access for functional teams in various departments.
  • Google Tag Manager 360 – This product, derived from Google Analytics, offers improved functionality with powerful APIs, simplified data collection and streamline workflows.
  • Google Analytics 360 – Earlier Google Analytics Premium has now been rebranded as Google Analytics 360. There are no fundamental changes to the platform as compared to the past.
  • Google Attribution 360 – It provides insights such as offline campaign information, data across devices/channels and more.

All these products can be purchased independetly to create a customised setup as per the enterprises’s requirements. These can further be integrated with thrid party products as well. A tailored dashbord can be created for efficient productivity. Later, Google aims to retire Google Analytics Premium and Adometry.

Let’s see how much success Google Analytics Suite 360 tastes.

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